5 Things I Am Terribly Unhappy About



1. I have tons to read and I feel like procrastinating right this moment thinking about them. I'm partly unhappy for the pile of books lying on the desk, but I feel a lot more frustrated with this strong urge to delay. It's just soooo typically ME!

2. In relation to #1, I feel sad about not being able to blog much these days. I also missed a lot of my daily reads from my blogger pals and I haven't been facebook-ing around, too (the fastest way to be updated on other people's lives).

3. Australian weather. Our family suffered a devastating typhoon two years back (swiping away everything we had) and I can sincerely feel what these people are going through. After the flood, a cyclone wreaks havoc.

4. Egypt in flames.

5. If you are Filipino and haven't seen the Senate's and Congress' series of inquisition on the Plea Bargain Agreement for Maj. Gen. Garcia (ret.), I urge you to watch them. It makes me so sad to see so many people drowning in the lust for money.

Photo from congress.gov.ph

Anyway, despite all these heartbreaks, I am happy about one thing: my being less oily! I have changed toner types, from Clinique 3 (combination to oily), to Clinique 2 (dry combination). Must be the weather and that great cleansing oil that stripped the slicky oil off my face.

Clinique toner 3 (combination to oily) and Clinique toner 2 (dry combination)

What's daunting you these days? And what's one thing that can wipe away those blues?


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