How Do You Feel About Photo Theft?


Photo and article theft for that matter.

When I wrote a post about deliberate copyright infringement, I never really entertained the idea that this malicious occurrence can happen to my blog. Sadly, it did and I feel a little upset that photo grabbing without proper citation is becoming rampant these days.

Seller got photos from my Pretty Model Slimming Capsules Review post, cropped the watermark that I thought would protect each shot, and labelled my photos as if they were his/her own. These photos appear on seller's main web page and on 2 local selling sites (sulit and kaliwaan) the business signed up for.

they took out my watermark and posted my pics on their site. sigh.

again, my photo deprived of my usual © watermark

The seller's site even carried plagiarized content (verbatim!) courtesy of the article I wrote for that review:

Another sad news is that this isn't the only seller who got my photos. There are two others. Jeeez.

If it weren't for some concerned blogger who emailed me, I would not have known, so a huge thanks to you.

I have informed the business about the issue and requested them to take my writings down and properly use my photos if they wanted to (all they could've done was to (1) ask permission from me OR (2) cite their photo source and not take off my watermark. I just pray that they get to do the right thing this time.

Has this ever happened to you, too? I hope not. For my blogger comrades, what do you feel about copyright infringement?


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