Spin Pins et al. Launched at The Goody Event

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Last November 23, 2011, I had fun with several other girls as Goody Philippines launched their newest easy-to-use hair accessories. Both their brush collection, under Start.Style.Finish, and hair clips innovation, under Simple Styles, were worth lusting for!

It was doubly fun to be seated with S3 [Say, Sab and (S)Char]! My first time to shake hands with Char (Yellowyum) and Sab (Misscorypotts)... thanks Say for the introduction!

and congratulations to Gwen Carino, Ms. Rochelle, Jenna and James Sy for the wonderful event!

Say, Char and Sab

The first part of the event was all about Start. Style. Finish. Have I been living under the rock to not know that the key to shiny and manageable hair is to use not just one type of brush??? I'll have that tackled on a separate post. For now, let me tell you that our wonderful speaker from David's Salon was just hilarious doing the brush demos:

Next up was Camille Co. She shared how fab her hair looks for every fashion shoot using the different Goody Simple Styles hair accessories. I think she was using the spiral bun when she stepped up the podium:

She even let her hair down for us to see how using the clip can result to beach wave hair:

Camille also demo-ed how the spiral pins were so easy to use. She played with Patricia's hair:

After keeping us oooh-ing and aaah-ing at her gorgeous beach babe locks, Camille finally demonstrates how the spiral bun is as easy on the hair as the Goody spiral pins:

So now her hair's neatly pulled up in a bun once again as she concludes her talk:

One of the event's highlights was the interaction between the audience and the Goody Simple Styles collection. We were urging Say to volunteer (she had long, thick hair... a challenge for the spin pins honestly) but three other girls were already beaming with excitement to get their hands (erm, hair?) on the Goody clips:

Lissa, Danika and Alyssa
Here's Lissa and Danika with the spin pins and spiral bun respectively:

Lissa and Danika's 'do's as I spy from the back:

Lastly, Alyssa with the mini pony pouf. I know that Goody claims that each clip is suited for every hair type, but I've witnessed that this can be rebutted. The hair specialist had a hard time styling Alyssa's thick and curly hair into a full pony; she opted to do a half ponytail using the pony pouf instead!

Just look at that spunky half-pony! My kind of hairstyle :D
The new Goody hair accessories are every girl's dream talaga. I have my eyes on the spin pins and pony pouf. Get yourself updated with the latest hair trends by following Goody Philippines on Twitter and liking them on Facebook!

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