A P355 ($9) Complete Skincare Line

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I finally got my hands on the Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Skin Whitening Set some two weeks ago. The Acnesol Pimple Control Facial Cream, while it did a fantastic job, will have to take the backseat while I check this kit out (I've been on the whitening line for a week already).

The most wonderful thing about it is that it's a complete skin regimen without breaking the bank. It's P355 ($9)! The very inexpensive tag makes it easier for skincare junkies to try out the best beauty & whitening products in the market.

This is the individual cost of each product included in the set:

Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Whitening Facial Wash 75 (60)
Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Lightening Facial Toner 85 (60)
Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Whitening Cream 105 
Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Face and Body Sunblock 180 (100)

The numbers in (red) are the prices when HBC holds their bargain sale. I'm pretty sure the box of Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous Skin Whitening Set is also marked down, but I have to confirm that from the store.


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