PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang Bring You The Avengers

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The Avengers, one of the most awaited films this 2012, is coming up in theaters next week! I know everyone's dying to see the swashbuckling group of Marvel heroes and it's doubly thrilling to hear that Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL are sponsoring an exclusive screening of the movie!

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I know a lot of girls can't wait to set eyes on the Marvel hunks. Who are you dying to see? I like Thor and Captain America, but I'm honestly more excited to see Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow in this film.

Get Fast Internet with PLDT myDSL

Checking out the latest hit films is something I love doing when I'm surfing the net! I check out tidbits and trivia about the film and do not miss out on its released trailers/teasers over youtube! It just bums me--- now that school's out and the little sibs are in the house basking in front of their laptops, I sense our shared DSL connection is a little too slow for my youtubeing.

The saving news is that PLDT is holding a myDSL Great Payday Sale on April 27-29, 2012 to get faster and stronger internet connections!

Here's How To BETTER Enjoy Netsurfing This Summer:

1.Register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out!

2. If you already have PLDT myDSL at home (like me!), you can simply choose to upgrade your present connection through the sale.

3. Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings!

4. You can also apply online at

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