On Stranger Thighs

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I woke up one day to realize that more than a handful of my slacks and jeans are already too small for my hips and thunder thighs. The only pants that seemed fitting was this Plains and Prints beige number. 

I panicked. Whose thighs are these, awfulgawd! And then it suddenly dawned on me ...

If it weren't for my retarded potato binging, I wouldn't be this problematic on hauling new bottoms! 

I prey on Pringles and french fries in response to stress, you see, and this week alone, I managed to finish up 1box+1tall can of Pringles with bouts of McDonald's french fries whenever I feel like it.

Potato overdose is really bad for the health. I know I better figure out a healthier way in response to stress --- the anti-jiggly arms exercise will definitely not work for my huge logs, errr, legs.


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