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At the bloggers sit-down with Angel Locsin, we pried her quilted Chanel bag open hoping to find multiple primping stuff and perhaps one or two Mosbeau products. We were surprised to learn that she totes around less makeup than expected!

Raybans are her favorites! She finds great pleasure in collecting these sunnies. She even kids that it felt too bad she can't get her favorite brand to sponsor her!

We weren't supposed to peek into the contents of her wallet but she helplessly gave in when we started bantering. What left us astounded was seeing her license to carry firearms. She admits her fascination for  pistols but was she hiding a gun in that posh purse? Beats me.

Mosbeau Placenta  White Advanced Takes Beauty To The Next Level

Mosbeau retells how potent their breakthrough main ingredient is in skin whitening: Marine Placental Protein. This is a mainstay in most of their products including their more popular product, the food supplement.

Presenting the all new, Mosbeau Placenta White Advanced Food Supplement. It has the superior skin-whitening power of its main ingredient Placenta, proven to be twice more effective than glutathione. Using Horse Placental Protein and Japan Patented Marine Placental Protein from fresh Japanese salmon egg, it’s now made even more potent with the addition of MORE active ingredients. This translates to more visible results! What used to be just 5 ingredients, now comes in a more potent formulation of 10 advanced ingredients, all working together to create the ”most beautiful” skin transformation for Asian women. Whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, skin cell renewal ---- all these, in one powerful brand.

Horse Placenta and Whitening

Holy horse placenta!  

See, I remember this strange, errr, thing, when I first read news on how equine placenta oddly improved the injuries of European soccer players. It was truly a controversial feat for the Serbian doctor who administered the treatment since it resulted to injured soccer players getting back on the field earlier than expected.

Hmmm... there really must be something about Angel Locsin and soccer. I digress.

I honestly don't know if horse placenta can truly whiten and stunt ageing. I'm currently on Day 6 of taking the supplement and I'm tapping my fingers on the desk while waiting for something rave-worthy to happen.

PRICE: Food Supplement- P 2,850 for 120tabs and P 1,480 for 60tabs
Placenta White Soap-  P400 per 100g bar

Included in the list of Mosbeau's anti-ageing and whitening stockpile are a facial whitener, soap, and a multi-purpose cream.

PRICE: Facial Cream- P 1,450 per 70g tub
Underarm & Thigh Cream- P980 per 50g tub

Event Photos with the Ladies

I finally met Ava (artsyfartsyava) and Ana (thefashionistacommuter)! I already met Krissy (iamkrissy) a long time ago and the Mosbeau event paved the way for me to finally meet the triumvirate. I've been following their cyberfriendship since 2010.

Aside from the two, bloggers present during that day were Bec, Martha, Angel, Say, Bestie and Iris.

Thanks Iris of PinayAds.com for the photo!
Clockwise from left: Bec, Angel, Ava, Ana, Me and Martha

Bestie tries to look candid while I photograph her

The event was fun but lacked a more brutal dissection of the product's ingredients. I would've loved it if any scientific literature on horse placenta was presented so that I am not this anxious on taking the food supplement. But then, I am but your humble rodent... a guinea pig of beauty so check back with me for the two Mosbeau product reviews.


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