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I'm currently loving Shiseido makeup and skincare on my skin! With this Asian beauty arsenal, I'm sure every Filipina can brave the metro's sweltering heat and still flash their best faces forward! So just imagine my delight when the brand announced a sampling campaign they're having!

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector

Recieve A Summer Skincare Set!

Shiseido's newest memeber in the suncare department, the Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+, is getting a re-introduction to the Filipino market through the Half-A-Million Trial Users Campaign. The brand currently releases this very water resistant sunblock in Asia only.

You can send your application to sample the Perfect UV Protector from today till mid-May, and Shiseido, through LuxAsia Philippines, will draw 800 entries who will receive a Summer Skincare Set by the end of May.

Now don't ask me why only 800 applications are picked out when the campaign claims they're sending half-a-million kits! I'm only guessing there are more countries joining this campaign which will fully define the 'half-a-million' drift.

I did a little research and I found out that Shiseido Asia website markets this as a body sunblock. However, Stylebible and Sukie have used this bottle on the face as well. Decide where to use it (and let me know!) when you get lucky enough to snag a kit, ok?

White Lucent Serum and Eye Cream

The Love-At-First-Sight Skin Campaign

I have used the White Lucent Day Moisturizer and the Brightening Balancing Softener in the past and I simply got wowed when Shiseido announced new White Lucent products coming out soon! 

I have heard people raving about this product last January and you can check out why it garnered so much affection from the consumers:

They're giving out one million samples for the Intensive Spot-Targeting Serum and Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream! The sad part is that I'm not so sure if these are still available because the promo started way back February 16 and is offered until supplies last. It's probably worth a try so print out your voucher or show an email confirmation to any Shiseido counter today!

(The Beauty Bin note: If you're going out of your way for the White Lucent samples, I suggest you just don't because: (1) sample stocks are not guaranteed, and (2) the serum is good for 3 days only; 3 fleeting days on sampling a serum can never tell if it's worth the full-size.

Note: all listed Shiseido promotions are available in the Philippines.


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