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Laughtrip Post: MRI Scandal

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A clip from a Japanese show that will surely put Hole in the Wall's ratings in serious danger. To win in this game show, these men must try their very best NOT TO LAUGH, or even smirk, at the challenges they're faced with. Click on the vid to see who wins!

I hope that made you laugh. If this post didn't work, you might want to try reliving one of my Laughtrip posts...

9-9-09's Socio-Political Gospel is...

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... Noynoy Aquino's declaration that he will run for President in the 2010 Pinas Elections.

It is most likely that he will win, and because of that, I am with fear. His untimely decision to run for the highest office in our country consequently gave birth to a multitude of 'buwayas' wanting to 'support' and 'advice' him. And mind you, when a political hand extends to help another, it's never for free.

Utang na loob ang pumapatay sa bansang ito.

I am deeply praying... that if ever he wins, that He won't forget to ask God for prudence and strength to say 'no', and that he will truly hear out his fellowmen's cries and act upon it.

Hmmm... it suddenly hit me... if noynoy loses, will we, pinoys, mob edsa grounds again?

Galleria Haul

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Although I'm not supposed to shell out a centavo on anything but a book, I got these babies from Galleria last Sunday.

The Bodyshop Galleria's SA did a good job on picking out a good concealer for a newbie like me. Instead of the product chit chats and sales pitch I normally get from beauty counters, she prepped my face for product testing. I could tell she was having a hard time covering up my scars using a concealer brush when she sighed, "The brush just won't work on these types of scars".

Ouch. I know. But I have to credit her for that. I'd pay for a remark like that over "Magandang-maganda siya sa'yo, bagay na bagay (It looks pretty on you)", when I can obviously see it's not.

We settled for the crayon concealer and professional sponge tandem. It did an impressive job in making my cheeks look flawless.

I'd love to show you another cutesy I got. It has the loveliest hand-made design a tank could have:

The tank is really lovely. Got it from People are People. It's an edgy tank top because of it's sexy back and fabric. I'm glad that my derma was able to successfully 'polish' my acne-fied back in time for this purchase.

I wanted to get 2 more lovely jersey tanks off the rack because of the pretty gingham patch sewn onto its neckline. I swear it's pretty. I would've had bought it, but then I'd have to forget about the book I'm originally supposed to spend my cash on.

Malls are evil. Really.

Elianto BB Cream Review

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Malaysian beauty brand, Elianto, sells two variants of its BB cream: the Miracle Multiplex and the Miracle White Multiplex. These two Elianto BB creams have 3 shades each: #01 Soft Beige, #02 Natural, and #03 Warm Beige. (these BB creams are made in Korea, distributed by Malaysian Elianto)

Miracle Multiplex
Miracle white multiplex
SPF 25
SPF 45
Oil Control
Firming, Anti-Wrinkles

Elianto Miracle Multiplex, 50 mL, 699php

I am currently using the Miracle Multiplex in Natural.

(pics with flash)

you may click on image to see notes

What I love about it:
  • surprisingly creamy despite its runny consistency (creamy means good concealing effect!)
  • evens out my skin tone while giving my face a good kind of glow
  • I only have to blot twice during a warm, humid day (no blotting on rainy days! weeee!)
  • it is a photogenic make up
  • lightweight, no heavy make up feel!
  • photgenic make up
  • gentle and non-clogging to my sensitive and acne-prone skin

click image to enlarge; notice how my veins are covered

  • the hole in the product tube is too big. I've wasted a couple of mL's since the bb cream has a thin consistency
  • i can't brag about how it smells. it's too herbal for me.

Helpful hints in using Elianto BB Cream:
  • I find that fingers work well in applying this BB cream. Brush application tends to use a lot of the product
  • don't freak out when your face turns a lil too "white" after application. Wait a couple of minutes until it blends with your skin tone (check out the hand image above, 2nd & 3rd pics)
  • apply sparingly
  • not buildable
  • make sure that the tube's cap initially points upward whenever you are opening it. i wasted loads of the bb cream because i was holding the tube with its cap facing down as i opened it.

In a nutshell:

Make-Up Base Ability
Oil Control
good, had to blot after 6 hours
Drying time
Roughly, 2 minutes
Thin, almost runny
699 php
Too herbal
Shade Range
Locally available
Small amount needed
Cheap for a 50mL product
Easy to blend because of its consistency

Elianto BB cream will be a staple face product for me! It gives me a healthy glow even after washing it off my face, and that feature earned its way to my HG list. I've tried other BB creams before, but decided to discontinue using them (either it broke me out, or it did nothing to-die-for). I hope you've found your HG BB cream, too, and I'd love to hear from you about it!

Dry Brushing is Soaked with Beauty Benefits!

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I've done a little experiment with dry brushing to check if it truly deserves an additional few minutes to my already long bath time.

I tried dry brushing for a week.
And then another week sans the procedure.
And then this past work week with it in my routine again.

The verdict: it's a must in my bath routine. Why? Primarily because I noticed how my skin looked softer and noticeably fairer when I combo-ed it with my fave moisturizing products. Dry brushing CAN boost my kikay products' effects!

Related effects of this healthy pre-bath procedure includes:

  • Removes dead skin cells allowing you to see a finer skin texture
  • Results to firmer and more radiant skin since it stimulates microcirculation beneath the brushed areas.
  • Ample amounts of blood distributed in these areas via microcirculation will mean more oxygenation. Imagine how much spas and salons charge us for oxygenation procedures!
  • Can serve as an adjunct to an alkaline diet program + regular exercise to ward off ghastly cellulites.
  • Stimulates the detox process that stimulates the lymph canals to drain toxic muccoid matter into the colon.

You may want to check how I do dry brushing.

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