The Grand Palace

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On our first day in Thailand, we decided to visit the Grand Palace immediately after checking-in and having lunch at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel. We got to the place at 1PM --- the place was not only scorching hot, it was way too packed!

Grand Palace's Fashion Police
if you're wearing any prohibited outfit, they'll point you to the right direction (see below)

The Borrow Section
Men and women line up to get their pants and sarongs!
You can see how much tourists the Fashion Police have reprimanded :)
Rental Fee: 200B per clothing article


The Prohibited Stuff
and no smoking inside the Grand Palace!
it is also punishable by law if you wear shoes/sandals inside a temple that has a buddha

Entrance Fee to The Grand Palace: 400B/head
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30AM-3:30PM
and please beware of pick-pocketeer, hehehe

Confusing Directions
am i THAT bad with spatial orientation?

 Some of the photos during sight-seeing :)

Ornate Pillars, Ornate buildings!
that pretty much sums up the place :)

Say Cheeze!
blue arrow shows the best way to get a good portrait 
against the majestic temples

Attention To Detail
everything, from the roof to floor, is absolutely detailed

don't forget to take a photo against these artistic creations

Whac-A-Mole Windows
the temple windows reminded me of one of my fave 
arcade games, the Whac-A-Mole

I left the place in awe of these people's hard work and love for art --- while calculating 400B times approx 1,000++ adults touring the place. Sure is a lot of money!

I will discuss how to get to The Grand Palace in my next post!


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