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Have you ever watched an Ateneo vs DLSU UAAP basketball match, whether on TV or live, where you got hugely disappointed because it lacked the indispensible court riot and mineral water bottle shower? I know I did way back highschool. Yes, I was a very childish teen to yearn for some mean basketball action whenever Ateneo's up against their top rivals, La Salle.

Growing up, thankfully in a mature manner, I realized that these two Universities' brawls were distasteful. At work in the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center, I ask my patients, who are UAAP players from the Ateneo, why they get too aggressive when playing against DLSU. "It's in the blood" na daw. It's just the way it has been.

Last month, I got the answer I needed when I watched Rivalry: Ateneo-La Salle Musical. I laughed so hard it hurts like being thrown mineral water bottles!

The family and I were entertained to the highest level: the plot was not too complicated and was easy to understand; the performers' voices were very audible; the music was superb and golly, their voices are so good! Except for a few Atenean/ La Sallian remarks that got me duh-ed (syempre, inevitable, sila ang nasa limelight), I was able to follow the story clearly... nothing "Inception"-ish as you might find it a tad too plain.

If you are a Knoller, Bedan (short mention though), UPian (especially YOU! ayun oh, nacurious), or someone wondering why these two schools keep bashing each other, you must not fail to see this! I watched the one where Athena Tibi plays Reena, Mako Alonso as Tommy, and Red Concepcion as Quito, and they have the most powerful voices I've ever heard! Aaaah, pure awesomeness! I suggest you reserve a date that has these guys :)

“Rivalry" runs at the Meralco Theater until March 11, 2012. Shows are scheduled every Wednesday to Saturday at 8:00 PM with additional matinee shows on Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 PM. Tickets are available through www.ticketworld.com.ph and at the Meralco Theater box office (SOURCE). Tickets are priced from 600+php to 1600+php.

You may click photos to enlarge:

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“Rivalry” is written and produced by Ed Gatchalian, an Atenean who sent his children to La Salle for elementary and high school. The idea was hatched decades ago when Trinidad, a long time friend of Gatchalian, proposed a musical about the then heated rivalry between professional clubs Toyota and Crispa (SOURCE).

non-watermarked photos are from Rivalry: Ateneo vs La Salle Facebook page


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