I Can Brave This February Heat with Snoe Sunblock

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Let me guess: For days now, you've restrained yourself from thinking about the delectable entrees at the resto across the street because of the unbearable heat. Consequently, you're stuck with tasteless cafeteria food. Did you know that with an umbrella and some Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock slathered on your skin, there's a chance you can grab your gastronomic pleasures without worrying about premature aging?

Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock SPF45, 100mL, 199php
available at Snoe counters and Snoe website

Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock SPF 45 | Bengkoang (singkamas) contains Vitamin C, Flavonoids and Saponins which are natural sunscreen to prevent skin damage brought about by free radicals. It effectively inhibits the formation of melanin and pigmentation due to hormones and the sun, as it prevents and reduces acne scars. This lotion will immediately transform your skin with a whiter complexion that comes with anti-ageing effects

I've been using this body sunblock since last month and I think that's enough time to post a review. (for facial sunblocks, please check out my take on the Hamilton SPF80, and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblocks)

The strongest points of this product are its high SPF, non-greasy afterfeel, and the delicious scent. Also, the presence of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide enables it to ward off UVA rays.

Overxposure to UV-A vs UV-B

   UVB rays (superficial skin destruction): sunburn, pain, skin cancer
   UVA rays (deep skin destruction): wrinkles, premature aging

A Higher SPF provides more photoprotective duration from UVB rays. That means less sunburn and a lowered risk for developing skin cancer. As for the scent, this sunblock's candied fragrance is among the most encouraging reasons to apply and reapply Snoe on the skin! It smells ridiculously edible and nothing like the usual chemical-ish scent.

The good points may have been outweighed by its cons though:
  • dries out quickly thus making a palm-full amount of sunblock difficult to spread 
  • takes a while for it to be absorbed by my skin
  • does not state if it is water- and sweat-resistant; sweat and water degrades a sunblock's efficiency
  • dried out the periphery of my insect bite marks; not really moisturizing for me

Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock promises that it can instantly transform my skin whiter. While this holds true for me, I make sure it is spread out evenly because the "fairness" can look powdery and fake if the lotion has already dried out before you could even spread it. (Beauty Bin Tip: squeeze out a small amount on palm, ~1/2-teaspoonful, and spread it on the skin. It is best to use this when you're not pressed for time)


You have to know how much time (in minutes) it takes before your skin reddens/browns/burns under the sun without sunblock.
Multiply that with the SPF number of the sunblock you are using to get the number of minutes a sunblock can protect you from sunburn.
POP QUIZ: I burn under the sun after 13 mins. What is the minimum SPF amount to use to counter UVB effects if I'm planning to stay under the sun for 2 hours?

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I have reservations recommending the Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock to those who stay under the sun for a long period of time (beach trips, field work, etc) specifically because it lacks the sweat-/water-resistant guarantee. This is an okay sunblock for commuting or crossing the street just to grab a decent lunch during breaks, but not if you're planning to join pro/anti-Corona rallies or attend the People Power I anniversary later.
Disclaimer: Snoe Sunblock was given to me during the Snoe event last Christmas. This is not a paid post. The opinions expressed in this review are parts of an unbiased account of how the product fared on my skin.


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