When People Think You're Unworthy To Blog About Beauty



Two days ago, I was saddened to know that good old Liz of Project Vanity read a message on Twitter saying that she, Nikki, Shen and Sophie are not pretty enough to do beauty blogging.

My jaw just dropped. Paano nalang ako, haha! I've met these four physically and they are most beautiful!

But Liz wrote a very beautiful post that addressed the matter. I was so surprised when I read a paragraph that translated my thoughts exactly:
I replied to her and said that the point of beauty blogging is to demonstrate how average women can look better than they already do. It's about baring all our flaws, in detail, and then showing how they can be corrected with the right products and techniques. It's much less glamorous than what fashion, food, or even tech bloggers do - they take pictures of beautiful things and show them in their best light while we, the beauty bloggers, show our pores and pimples.
There were several times when I wanted to give up beauty blogging because I knew I wasn't a pretty face. However, whenever I think about how greatly improved my skin gets from my trips to the dermatologist and the products that help me climb a step higher to looking better, I get inspired. I get inspired to write and tell you that nobody is ugly; that everyone is beautiful and it's just a matter of finding the right products that can improve us without going under the knife.

I do not abhor the fact that people may think this way. I respect the fact that there will be those who will not be pleased.

My concern goes out to the beauty bloggers who may be devastated by these people. I just hope that these views will not stop you from writing and helping others. Pretty much like me. Kapalan nalang natin because there are more people who can benefit from what we discover than those who cringe at the sight of our pimply, unpretty faces.


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