Cleansing Oil Face-Off: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (Pink) vs Kanebo Freshel

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I'm thankful to experience cleansing oils because these cleaning agents have definitely contributed in reducing the incidence of my breakouts. I love the fact that the affordable Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil is at par with the Shu Uemura High-Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil in Fresh (pink variant) in terms of removing face makeup. 

But there are differences you might want to be aware of before going for the cheaper brand. I've tabulated the differences (and similarities) between these two Japanese skincare products:

Shu Uemura Fresh
Kanebo Freshel
plastic bottle, comes with pump, twist-type seal

plastic bottle, comes with pump, stopper-type seal
P1200/150mL @ Duty Free
~P1800/150mL at Rustan's

P720/180mL, goes on sale occasionally at 10-20% off 
abundant stocks at Shu Rustan's and Duty Free
limited supply at Kanebo counters over SM and Landmark
faint floral
Cleansing ability
excellent, removes eye makeup completely in a separate step

excellent, can remove traces of eye makeup at first cleansing
Feel (both will give you this slight oily afterfeel. you may want proceed to washing with facial cleanser and water (double cleansing) if you are uncomfortable with it)
during: regal, feminine
after: clean, soft skin, no taut face feel

during: cooking oil feel on the face
after: clean, no taut face feel
Ease of use
easy to emulsify, easy to rinse off
takes time to emulsify, needs more water when rinsing
Effects on Skin
no radiant effect
Degree of harshness
no breakouts, just a bit drying on the skin when used on a daily basis for a long period of time

no breakouts, less drying
Pumps of oil needed
1-2 for my small face
no less than 2 pumps for my small face

Whether it be Shu Uemura or Kanebo Freshel, you'll get the benefit of a squeaky clean, near-pimple-free face! Personally, I prefer the Shu Uemura cleansing oil because radiance is pretty priceless (and I'm really lazy to work up the Kanebo oil into a soapy state). 


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