I Buried My Best Friend Last Sunday



While the neighbours (and the entire Philippines) cheered for Pacquiao last Sunday, I cried hard from losing my decade-long best friend, Boggart. By the afternoon, I wiped all the tears away knowing that he's in dog heaven, free from all strife.

It's hard to lose a friend like you
Because no one else listens to me the way you do
and because you're the only legit to lick me when I cry.

I cry hard because I still want to walk with you,
I still want to startle you by my abrupt running,
and see you catch up with me, even beating me to it.
I cry hard because I've so much plans for your retirement years
like saving up for Science Diet sacks to keep you healthy 
despite your being over 90.

I cry hard because all I can do now is dream of you
or relive the fun and hard times we've been through.
I cry hard because I love you,
and hugely because I will sorely miss you.

RIP Boggart, 11.13.11. I know how much you love to run like the wind. I watched you do it. Until it came to a point that old age slowed you down a bit, but you tried hard, still. But last week, you silently told me you can no longer run while you stared at me as I playfully ran back and forth in front of you. You never told me how stupid I looked that evening. I will forever love you and keep our happy memories, until that day when I no longer have to miss you because we can chase the wind again, together.


  1. Micah
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