San San Age-Defying Lipstick in 03 Review

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Here's another product I got from the HBC 88 sale, the San San Age-Defying lipstick in 03:

Price: 106php ($2.50), may even be lower during sales!
Color: mauvey pink
Shade Range: 5 shades to choose from
Ingredients: Castor oil, candellila wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, lanolin, mineral oil, vit. a, vit. c, vit. e, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), colorant and fragrance


  • perfect MLBB shade for most Pinay skintones
  • finishes to a flattering creamy gloss
  • no strong scent
  • photographs fairly nice
  • cute blue packaging for those who love blue (raises hand!)

  • emphasizes the lines and dryness of my lips
  • weak pigmentation, you have to apply more
  • not longwearing

The packaging isn't something you'll be raving about but it's wonderful to note that the San San Age-Defying lipstick's cheap tag does not reflect much on its elegant blue casing!

This lippie goes sheer on me even after two swipes. You will definitely need a lot of product to get a pop of that pretty MLBB color.

When swatching, you might notice that this color yields a corally shade:

But it's really more pinkish mauve when on the lips. And here I am sporting the poorly applied lipstick. This is perhaps to point out how the lippie emphasizes the lines on my duhrrryyy lips:

Kumiko Mae wears this San San Age-Defying lipstick color better than I do! Check out her pretty look! But hey, I didn't do so bad here, did I? Goes to show how perfect the color is for us Filipinas!

Recommendation. This is perfect for photoshoots but may be too grueling to wear during events because of its need to be frequently reapplied. This is a nice choice though for everyday wear to complete a barely there makeup look.

When using this lipstick, I highly recommend it against a great skin. Those with acne scars and pits must layer on a good foundation to create the illusion of a better skin. Those with naturally clear skin can do without makeup and just put this lipstick on!

Topping the San Age-Defying lipstick in 03 with a nice similar shade of gloss might just address the longevity of wear issue. However, since the lippie is already hi-shine, there might be a risk of creating over-the-top glossy lips.


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