What To Get at the HBC Great At 88 Sale

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You'll definitely love the HBC Great at 88 Sale this August because:

  • the items on sale are certified must-try's
  • the selection is huge and ranges from makeup and skincare to hair care and household products
  • they don't sell stuff that are expired or are nearly expiring 
  • some are even below 88 pesos
  • most bestsellers are on the sale list

Here are the products, marked down at 88 pesos, that I highly recommend you check out:

1. Hair Coloring Cream (regular) - originally at 105php; many have raved about this dye over popular fora and most claim that even if you have virgin black hair, this product shows up quite impressively.

They have 3 coloring creams: the regular one (the one on sale), low ammonia (105php) and crystal color (125). Crystal color is priced a bit higher since it claims to give out a cellophane-shine effect (pretty much like Revlon Luminista I think).

2. Body Recipe Skin Lightening Powder, 120g - originally at 135php. If you are familiar with Ettas, this is pretty much like it --- a DIY bleaching kit that lightens skin like magic. They have 3 variants: Milk, Calamansi and Papaya. Milk is recommended for those with dry skin, Calamansi and Papaya for oily and normal skin respectively.

3. More Body Recipe Stuff: Skin Lightening Lotion (originally 120php), Scrub (originally 178php) and Body Butter. These are full-sizes, mind you, and they come in different "flavors".

4. Body Recipe Anti-Aging Facial Foam (goodbye fine lines!) and Lightening Facial Wash Papaya

You think I forgot to mention that little tube in the middle? That's number five...

5. Hortaleza, M.D. Acnesol Pimple Control Facial Cream, 30g - originally 102php. I need this for my stubborn zits especially during pre-menstrual days. 

6. Hair Color Touch-Ups - this product is great for mom and dad! It's a quick way to cover up gray/white hair when our folks suddenly wake up in the morning with their hair roots publicly announcing the degenerative truth. It's a hair emergency quick fix since the color washes away when shampooed (if you want something that'll retouch your roots, go buy #1). Colors available are black, dark brown and medium brown.

7. Inigo Body Cologne Spray, 100mL - originally at 100php. Perfect for kuya or as pangsuhol for the little brother during those days you scold him for not taking a bath. A nice kamusta-ka-namiss-kita gift for the special guy... nonchalantly quip that you suddenly thought about him and decided to spend for a body spray since he's so special to you.

8. Hortaleza Professional Shampoo - perfect for ate or the little sis! Yummy apple or refreshing lemon--- take your pick!

9. Clean Xone Fabric Conditioner and Liquid Detergent - perfect for Manang and Inday! Put an end to their frequent catfights over who does the laundry next by giving them divinely fragrant home products that won't dry out their precious hands! 

10. Sansan Makeups! - Two-Way Cake Age Defense Foundation (154php), Pressed Powder, Mousse Foundation, Mousse Concealer, Mousse Blush, Lipsticks and Thick Lash Mascara

This picture below has a saling ketket, can you spot it? - Body Recipe Eye Cream in Cucumber! Make sure you fork out 88 bucks for that undereye treat!

If you think 88php is already a steal, wait till you see the 44php list:

1. Body Recipe Skin Protecting Hand Sanitizer
2. Body Recipe Green Leaf Shampoo w/ Horsetail Extract - move over, Mane and Tail shampoo!
3. Inigo Deodorizing Foot Powder - no need to pay for expensive Scholl stuff since this works pretty good!

4. Body Recipe Moisturizing Foot Balm (and all their foot care products, I just wasn't able to photograph all of them)
5. Body Recipe Skin Lightening Facial Wash with Milk (don't you find it weird that the Papaya variant above is tagged at 88? I'll ask them tomorrow if they made a mistake here...)

6. Body Recipe Bath Soaps

At home, I took pictures of the products' expiry dates and I'm impressed that HBC is holding genuine markdowns. Most shops put products on sale because they are about to expire (BLIND ITEM: Sino itech na store na super thick face to sell beauty products na expired na pala... with matching unfriendly at annoyingly sunod ng sunod na SA's? Haha.)

Who says you need expired products before putting up that 'SALE' banner?

Here are the friendly beauty assistants who helped out:

Marife, the friendliest of them all. She was able to cater to the long roster of HBC queries I jotted down. She was pregnant and all but she managed to walk around with me while I scouted for stuff to get in the store.

With so much products on sale, it wasn't hard to fill up two bags. I grinned at the fact that I was schnorring on products that offer so much value for their price (thanks to HBC's CC Manager, Lorie Bundoc):

 I visited an HBC branch today that had limited stocks. It was a small branch but it still offered so much. Can you just imagine the longer list of to-buy's when visiting bigger HBC outlets (this branch didn't have the famous Body Recipe Hair Remover (goodbye expensive Veet/Sally Hansen)... if you're visiting mall outlets, please have that on your list!)??? 

The Great at 88 Sale will run till August 21, 2011. That's three more days from now so better get your lists ready and troop to the nearest major HBC outlet before the other girls hoard all the great stuff in store for you!


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