In2it Waterproof Gel Liner Review

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Japanese brand In2it has a waterproof gel liner that comes in pen form. I instantly fell in love with the product's creamy consistency, strong pigmentation and budge-proof finish on the lids (I haven't tested it for waterlining. And I have no plans of doing so). 

Pros and Cons

Unlike most gel liners out there that comes in a tub, this pen type eyeliner saves you space in your kit and is definitely easier to tote around. Unlike most cheap pencil liners that can be a pain on the lids because they lack the creaminess (you can blow dry em before use though, but that's an added step), In2it's waterproof gel eyeliner glides smoothly on the skin pretty much like kajal liners.

In2it Dark Brown Gel Liner on my lids
(I use an eye tape to achieve a good, visible crease)

One may find pure glory in its creamy consistency but I found a handful of cons. I find it hard to create a thin line using this because the tip is never pointed without sharpening it. Hence, it seems that I'm using a lot of product already due to frequent sharpening. Third creaminess con is that this takes extra time to dry up on my lids versus my Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner.


Con #3 is something I'd easily forgive since a little patience can result to a foolproof, pigmented eyeliner. I tested In2it's waterproof gel liner at the back of my hand, waited for more than a minute (for it to dry up) and smudged it with all my might. It smudged a bit, haha. Replacing "with all my might" with "hard enough to see my skin turn pinkish", the liner was amazingly intact. A-mazing!

Availability, Price, Etc

  • Available at Watson's, PCX and Landmark, SM & Robinson's Dep't Stores 
  • The gel liner is available in Black, Aztec Gold and Dark Brown. This will cost you ~380php ($7) for a 1.2g product plus a good sharpener (Aztec Gold is sold at 320 and does not come with a sharpener)
  • 3 years shelf-life (check both manufacturing and expiry dates at the back)

Rounded tip, not pointed --- a challenge for my unskilled hands

Helpful Hints

1. Those with extreme oiliness may want to dust the lids with a bit of powder before using the liner.
2. Counter the cons of its creamy consistency by placing it in the fridge a few minutes before use.
3. This eyeliner is made in Germany so expect to be wowed.

After several hours of walking around the humid metro

I am definitely recommending it to anybody who wants clean eye makeup. If you plan on getting the In2it waterproof gel liner, be sure to get a good eye makeup remover along with your purchase as this can be tough to wash off.


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