Benefit Cosmetics in Manila + 2 More "B" Stuff



Benefit Cosmetics will be arriving soon! Thanks Thiamere for the heads up on the upcoming Benefit Cosmetics counter in Manila. Rumour has it that the flagship store in Manila will be at Makati.

Get first dibs on this hot scoop by visiting their FB page. You may also get the chance to win free stuff from them by joining their contest.

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Blogger Lay-out Giveaway. If you want some cutesy blog theme on your page, my blogger buddy, Lisa of Shop N Chomp, is hosting a giveaway. Hurry, it ends August 27, 2011, 12:01AM PST.

Big Brother's (UK) Darryn Lyons' Abs. Are you ready for fake abs? I'm totally NOT! I've learned about this from L&C and I was laughing real hard and was shaking my head in disbelief.

But the fake abs surgery was his call and I may be rude to still be laughing at the photos while typing this so I'm stopping.

Photo Source
Huffingtonpost has the story. Now quit chuckling at the teenage mutant ninja turtle Darryn.

Would you ever want your man to sport this look by the time he gets awfully HUGE? Would love to know...


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