How Fab Salon Gave Me The Bob I Thought I'd Never Sport

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"Yung pong sharp sa sides ng face tapos may umbok sa likod", that's what I always tell the different stylists I've been to every time I wanted the perfect bob (remember my cheap hair cut from David's?). Unfortunately, I always end up with a cut that only tried hard to mimic what I specifically wanted. Until Fab Salon did my hair last week. 

(photo credits to the lovely Lexi Payumo, Krissy Cruz and Fab Salon)

Before the cut. Krissy and I discussing hair stuff.

Last August 25, Krissy invited me to join her to a beauty boot camp (you have to check out her pretty pixie!). I'm glad I went with her, otherwise, I would still be thinking that my "dream bob" remained a fantasy unless I shelled out a fortune to get a high-end stylist to cut my hair.

The salon's interior employed a minimalist design that allowed the huge mirrors and posters to stand out.

Here I am, complete with my hand gestures, chatting with the Fab Salon reception folks on their rates and services.

Don't strain your eyes. Click photo to enlarge :)

My stylist, John, was the best. We talked about the cut and we met halfway. I like the fact that he was able to assert what he thought would suit my face shape while adjusting to my preferences.

I always do half ponytails because the sides of my hair tend to become unmanageable
every after cut unless I get them blowdried

Now, here's John in action:

No more half ponytails just to put more volume at the back of my hair

Not only did I get the cut I specified but I realized that John was able to give me a sleek bob that's low maintenance. During the succeeding days after the salon experience, my classmates ooohed and aaahed at how the back of my hair stayed in great shape sans the blow-drier. Thanks to a 300php ($7) cut! I've never been so happy!

I hate the fact that Fab Salon's a hike from where I live. But with John's expertise plus the salon's affordable rates, I will travel miles and brave the ever-jammed traffic in EDSA just to get my hair in its best form!

(Fab Salon treated us wonderfully on more services and I'll be blogging more about it. Also, I just couldn't contain how impressed I am with the salon's stylists that I'm thinking of asking any of you, my local readers, to get a cut from them, too. Who wants to add more pizzaz to their hair???)


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