The Iphone 5 Beauty + HELP ME


Whether it's a publicity stunt or not, rumors about the iphone, like its supposed design being leaked, its prototype being found in restos and bars,  and its possible early release this September, are making a huge wave on the net for the past few months.

The only thing I'm ever eager about is how awesome these people have proposed it to be (I'm not believeing anything yet unless I see it on the Apple website). One of the rumored looks below:

You can google up more proposed looks.

Now, the help me part. Can anybody recommend a good RSS reader from iTunes or Android Market that allows in-app commenting? I've tried Mobile RSS, Feedly, Google Reader, gReader and iReadG. I'm trying to get Pulse right now. All are free apps but I'm willing to pay for a good app that meets 3 things: easy-to-use, fast, allows in-app commenting.

Can anyone pretty please help me with a good RSS reader + commenter? Super thanks!


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