Get Longer Looking Lashes: A San San Long-Wearing Mascara Review

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During the HBC Great at 88 Sale, I got myself San San's long-wearing Mascara in 01 (black). I have moderately thick but short lashes and this works well for me.

Price: 111php ($2.50), may go as low as 88php during sale
Availability: HBC stores; comes in 02, brown
Best for: naturally thick lashes with length problems

What I love about it:
  • lengthens my short lashes without looking too made-up
  • mascara consistency is neither watery nor too thick
  • withstands our humid weather... truly long-wearing
  • dries up in a few secs
  • affordable
  • smear-proof, no raccoon eyes

  • not ideal for evening affairs
  • experienced difficulty in coating my very short inner and outer lashes
  • below-average pigmentation (which may be the reason why it seems I'm not wearing mascara at all)

This is definitely a good everyday go-to mascara especially if one wishes to sport the au naturale look. With one swipe of the San San long-wearing mascara, I love how it gives people the impression that I naturally have long lashes.

San San Long-wearing Mascara 01 after 4 hours

The wand's advantage is its ability to separate my lashes beautifully so that it gives my eyes that soft, feminine look. However, due to its roundness and without the bristles tapering along the tip, I find it difficult to use when trying to coat my inner, shorter lashes. Girls with small eyes and short lashes might give this a thought before buying the San San's long-wearing mascara.

San San uses the old-fashioned wire-y wand (modern wands here)

I find that using 1-2 quick coats works best for me. Going beyond two coats gives me spider leg lashes. The formulation, which dries up fairly fast, never weighs my lashes down. I hate how this smells, though. 

Don't I look a little more girly after?

Recommendation. Skip this mascara if your focal points are your eyes in creating makeup looks. Also, this is a waste of money if you want glamorous, thick, stark black lashes. 

There isn't really anything beyond special about the San San long-wearing mascara except for its cheap tag and its ability to separate the lashes perfectly. I bet you already know that mascaras are the types of cosmetics that expire the fastest (3-6 months) and if you are on the hunt for a cost-effective one, then this is one product to consider.  If you have a tight budget and prefer a less made-up look, this may just be the one for you especially if it goes on sale!


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