Thank You


I can't thank you girls enough for your well wishes and prayers. Papa has been discharged from the hospital already and is now trying to regain his strength back. Our family is greatly blessed with people like you who never forgot to include my dad in their thoughts and prayers.

Papa seems to be more lively now and a bit stubborn with complying to doctor's orders (he complains about why he was recommended to rest for a month; says it's too much rest. sigh). He's pretty much back to his old self. 

However, our family's battle isn't over as we are awaiting test results that will allow us to have a better grasp of dad's REAL condition (we'll be held in suspense for a month). I am hoping that you can still include my Papa in your prayers.

I can't believe my scheduled posts reverted back to draft! What's up with blogger's new posting interface? I'll revert to the old one...


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