Need Your Prayers... Desperately


I will be on break for some time until my dad recovers from his condition. I have scheduled posts to keep the blog virtually running and still be of help to those with skin problems who are on the lookout for great products.

Yesterday, we learned that my dad went straight to the hospital after work. He was admitted due to hematemesis (vomitting blood). This sad event may confirm my family's worst fear, that Papa isn't telling us the entire truth about his medical condition.

I am breaking down. I panic easily, and now, my eyes are brimming with tears and my heart's really pounding so hard. I know I need to be positive. I'm trying to find peace and consolation in soliciting prayers from friends, and yes, even from strangers. 

Please pray for Jonathan Tabac Sr.'s speedy recovery.  

A photo taken after Papa's successful eye surgery, 2009


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