What's Eating The Beauty Bin?

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I'm so sorry for the lack of updates and for missing my beloved followed blogs' posts. Here's what's eating me:

This is the last decent shot I have of my hair, still basking in the dye's glory, taken 2.5 months after my July 15 hair coloring. You already know I love Revlon Colorsilk Light Ash Brown.

I still remember the first time I got my hair dyed. I was soooo scared. And now that I'm about to try a new hair coloring product, I am reliving the hell I felt that day my virgin hair got colored.

After 4 years with Revlon Colorsilk, I'm about to try this:

This is what's eating me for the past few weeks. To use a new dye or to not to. I have never been constantly freaked out about anything in my life! Now, I'm pretty convinced about the hair being one's crowning glory. It's funny that when Louise posted about Light Havana, I was the first commenter and told her i'd love to try the color. This freaks me out all the more.

My hair color is gradually turning into a state of blaaah. I will sit still for a few more hours and think about when to lighthavanasize my hair.

Has anything beauty-related confused you for such a long time, too? Do share! It might make me a bit more gutsy *wink*


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