Beauty and Butter Megamall SpaRitual Foot Spa Story --- Care to Go Organic?

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Last weekend, I experienced my first organic foot spa at the Beauty and Butter Megamall. This Vegan foot, nail and leg pampering uses soothing and relaxing products from eco-friendly brand, SpaRitual.

The Beauty and Butter Organic Foot Spa Experience

The buttercups, the girls who work at the salon, politely showed me where to sit and handed me an iPad. While waiting for my buttercup, I was intrigued by the place's pop-art walls. I also thought it was space-savingly cool that the foot sinks were built in the platform and were concealed underneath colorful pillow-ish squares. 

I was almost ready to zone out when Beth, the buttercup assigned to me, introduced herself. Those chairs are too darn comfortable!

1. The Organic Foot Soak

After an organic rinse, Beth prepped the sink with lukewarm water for the soak. I withdrew my feet at the hot surge of water, to which Beth the buttercup apologized to. I was ready to give her a lecture on advising clients to lift their legs up before letting the hot water out, but my thoughts were silently chuckling at the 'Beth the buttercup' newly coined term. 

2. The Foot Cleaning + Organic Callus Remover

After 10 minutes of foot soak, my poor wrinkled feet still looked unwomanly. Beth slathers on SpaRitual Callus remover and busies herself with taking off the dirt and all that pedal ugliness. Did you notice how dark my toes were at the photo above?

3. The Organic Foot Scrub

This product is divine! SpaRitual scub's luxurious scent is quite powerful yet relaxing that those around me who aren't on organic foot spa seemed to think twice if they asked for the right service. It feels like a wonderful massage as Beth rubs in the finely beaded product on my feet and legs.

4. The Organic Foot Masque

After washing off the salt scrub, the masque is painted on my feet and legs. This is as fragrant and relaxing as the scrub so you can tell that I still felt luxuriously pampered at this point. However, I noticed that the application wasn't masque-ly for my standards because it wasn't generous enough. But with an expensive SpaRitual line, I kinda understood why.

5. Pedicure

While my legs and feet waited for the masque to do its work underneath a layer of cling wrap, Beth cleaned my toe nails. She was able to inform me that there was an itsy bitsy nail that got stuck at the side of my big toe. Kaya pala medyo uncomfortable sa area na yun, hay.

She successfully takes it out but it was really painful! She squeezes my big toe on its sides and the discomfort was greatly lessened. I'm officially forgiving her for pouring hot water on my feet! 

6. Warm Booties + Polish Color

After Beth's impressive feat on cleaning my toe nails, she lets me wear warm terry cloths on both legs. I was also asked to choose a SpaRitual polish color. The warm cloths (booties) felt so good I just sat back and closed my eyes. "This is the li----".

But before I could even say 'life' in my thoughts, the warmth started to grow cold. Yes, it was that fast. Perhaps Beth was  too scared of letting anything too hot touch my skin and so she gives me booties that weren't warm enough, OR, the booties lacked proper insulation.

I'm still thinking of what to suggest Beauty and Butter Salon to remedy this. The warm booties are just too heavenly, it feels like hell to lose all that warmth.

7. Foot and Leg Massage

This is my favorite part and I wish that the clock ticked 10x slower than normal at this point. The massage was nothing but utter pleasure and relaxation.

After seven pampering treatments, I opened my eyes to a more womanly legs and feet!

8. Nail Color

I picked out "I Feel The Earth Move" SpaRitual polish color. It's a glossy deep-maroon color. Beth applied two coats of the lacquer and I think she did a good job with it. The entire organic foot spa experience ended with lovely feet in a nail drying machine.

Overall, I enjoyed my 2-hour Beauty and Butter Organic Foot Spa experience. I loved that my feet and legs looked clean and smooth... and womanly. This was my first try on Vegan foot products and I'm quite scared I liked it too much I'm spending over budget! 

Beauty and Butter Organic Foot Spa (with organic pedicure) - P800
Beauty and Butter Salons are located in:

5F Megamall Bridgeway - 470.4239
2F Mall of Asia’s Entertainment Wing - 556.9383
2F SM San Lazaro - 353.7576
2F SM Cebu - 236.9133

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Disclaimer: this is a FREE organic spa offered to me by the people from Beauty and Butter for review purposes. This is not a paid post. The accounts written in this post reflect my unbiased opinion on the products and services of the company. 


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