TIGI Bed Head's Hard To Get - A Taste of Summer


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I'm currently checking out how Bedhead's Hard to Get Texturizing paste will work for my hair. While most texturizing pastes work well with short hair, I'm testing how it will help my shoulder-length, layered locks.

Apart from the cute ball packaging that screams summer blue, the scent is something I and my sibs adore --- fruity watermelon! 

Quick Facts about the TIGI Bed Head Texturizing Paste:

Support Factor: 3/5

Texture Factor: 5/5

  • Light matte, separation and texture 
  • Soft and moisturised 
  • Good for short to medium hair lengths 
  • Paste with the ability to mold 
  • Texturise and creates separation 

TIGI Bed Head's website has a tutorial on how to use this paste. It just bums me that I didn't find medium-length-haired girls who use this on tutorials.

You can watch the tutorial HERE.

The TIGI Bed Head's Texturizing paste sure reminds me of summer - its packaging and watermelon scent are stuff to love! Review coming up on its performance on the hair so please keep posted.

Full Disclosure: TIGI Bed Head texturizing paste was sent to me by ARC for review purposes. I have no affiliation with either TIGI or ARC.

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