The Insect Bite Scandal at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove



I woke up very early one January morning to check out the weather in Tagaytay. It took us two hours to drive from Manila to Batangas. Our destination: the Tagaytay Picnic Grove!

Tagaytay Picnic Grove
Tagaytay City, Batangas
Entrance Fee: P50/head (a little over a dollar)
Picnic Hut Rental: P150/day ($3.5)
Parking Rates: no more than P50 for cars/SUV's

You see, it's a cheap way to escape the bustling and humid city. The weather in Tagaytay on a January is absolutely something I dream about most evenings of this scorching hot March.

At the Tagaytay Picnic Grove, you can have picnic with friends and family against a scenic backdrop: the blues and greens surrounding the Taal volcano. 



Other fun things to do are sleep on a tree branch, ride a horse, and ride the Tagaytay zipline/cable car.

Tagaytay Zipline Operating Hours:
Daily, 9AM-6PM


1 Way Ride: Php200/person ($5)
2 Way Ride/Combination: Php300/person ($7)

Weekend / Holiday Rates
1 Way Ride: Php300 per person
2 Way Ride/Combination: Php400 per person  ($9)

Since we went on a weekend, we weren't surprised that there were hundred others who planned to do the same thing on a Saturday. But the cool and bright weather plus the scenery were all too captivating to fuss about the crowded stairs, walkways and rest rooms. 


If there was one very terrible thing that happened to me that day, I went home with insect bites on the entire upper half of my body! I might've gotten them from touring the tree-studded zipline area. So if your body's notorious for harboring insect bites, stay clear from this area. My DIY treatment to allergies didn't work and so I suffered from these bites all throughout our Bangkok trip.

Oh well, that must've happened to make sure I didn't find Tagaytay Picnic Grove too dreamy, hehe. I sure had fun during my trip to one of the Philippines' popular provincial destinations! I'm just thinking if it's still as cool as it was last January --- a need something to cool me down right now!

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