Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Giveaway Week 6



A lot of the girls who won in the past bb cream giveaways have emailed me back, delighted with the Neutrogena Fine Fairness performance! I have two more bottles to raffle off to add two more ladies in the happy winners circle.

On a sad note, they'll be the last two ladies on the list to conclude my Neutrogena Fine Fairness bb cream giveaway. I enjoyed this contest so much because I have a good reason to post 500x400 photo of my face weekly I was able to spend some personal moments with my readers. I've had heartfelt and meaningful correspondences with most of them and I'd like to think I've won relationships through this opportunity Neutrogena gave me.

*sighs heavily* Now that was quite an intro for the giveaway's last run, hehe. But before I end up crying here (yes, I can be that emotional), let's get the last photo up:

A. I'm wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream
B. I have no makeup/bb cream on

(I have a very good reason for the overbleached brows --- explanation coming up by the end of March)

Same rules:
To enter, you must be residing in the Philippines and must be a public follower of The Beauty Bin (just click on the 'Join This Site' button on the right sidebar) and comment on this post using this format:

1. ID used to follow The Beauty Bin
2. Your Guess (A or B)
3. email address

1. Deadline for your weekly guesses will be 3PM, Sundays (for this week, deadline's on the 25th) .
2. Winners will be announced within 48hrs after the draw.
3. Drawing will be via
4. Winners must be willing to shoulder the shipping costs (pls see Air 21 rates).
5. Simultaneous blogs are running a similar contest. Feel free to join as much as you can but you may only win once for a each blogger.
Two lucky winners will get a full-size bottle of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream each. Winners will be contacted via email.

It's the last week for the Neutrogena Fine Fairness bb cream giveaway and my beauty challenge will soon be due. Will I or will I not wear makeup next week when I go out on a date with the bf? You have to check back with me soon!


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