Wanted: BDK 617 | Flagrant Violator of Animal Rights



This photo circulated via networking sites yesterday, a picture taken by a concerned citizen en route to SM Baguio. The shot shows the back of a black Nissan Safari with plate num BDK 617:

I have no idea what possessed the one who did this to do what he actually did! The poor dog who is supposed to be taken cared of by humans, stewards of God's creation, is actually being treated with utmost cruelty! I am so furious... hay!

  • punung-puno na ba ng iba pang aso sa loob kaya sa spare tire nalang sinabit si Bantay?
  • baka naman nadidiri lang siya marumihan ng sakong may lamang aso ang kanyang leather seat?
  • trip lang nya, baka magka-chance sumikat (which is actually happening)

PAWS Philippines is already tracking who should be held liable for the act (story here) but I'm pretty sure that a few thousand pesos will set this person off the hook. Pretty much like what happened to those responsible for the pitiful fighting dogs of Cavite.

The poor furry guy is said to have been freed already (full story HERE). I hope someone picks him up, treat him well, and provide him a family and home that will help remove all that BDK 617 trauma away.


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