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Elianto BB Breaks Me Out + Barenaturals' Primer Actually Works Great

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I am both ranting and raving today.

After finishing half of the 50mL Elianto Multiplex BB Cream I proudly considered my HG, I am officially announcing that it breaks me out! I feel terrible seeing how this BB cream has "turned its back on me". Boohooo.

I've always blamed my hormones and sleeping late as the causes of my never-ending chin breakouts. Recently, I often stayed home (I quit work to give way for my review, remember?) and skipped my bb cream moments. I'm surprised that despite sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and that my period's coming up, no new zits have piled up on my chin! I can actually see my chin these days, I thought.

And then it hit me... the only product I stopped using since I noticed an improved chin was my prized Elianto Multiplex.

And so it's official... the great bb cream isn't for me.

On a happier note, I am falling in love with Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer! I've earlier claimed that it poorly controlled my oilies. Allow me to retract that. Let me tell you that I am considering this as my daily primer.

No, it still doesn't impress me that much when it comes to keeping my 'oiliest of the oiliest' face mattified, but it does a decent job in keeping my makeup on and my face clean on a daily basis. I still use blotting papers a couple of times, but since I am only attending review classes (inside an air conditioned room), Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer is perfect!

And oh, I've commuted from my place to my patient's (it's a polluted, sweaty, and humid 30-minute jeepney and tricycle ride) and I'm surprised that I'm only a little bit on the dewy side! This happened thrice already.

And so it's official... Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer is an impressive one.


Let me share one more thing with you guys. Look what I found:

Must be the reason why I broke out, huh?

Was I Ripped Off?



I posted a while back how I loved using The Bodyshop's professional sponge to achieve a better look with my mineral foundies. I would've gladly backed it up sooner if it didn't go out of stock in almost all branches... for weeks!

Imagine my relief when I scored one over their branch at SM Fairview. Great, I thought. It was just a lil weird that the one I bought previously costed me P200 flat, while this new one was P250.

Price increase, I thought.

But to my horror, I discovered that I might've paid a lot for this new one. The sponge is inside a resealable type of packing (so is the old one I got from Galleria), so it's a little easy for me to think I might've been cheated.

Let me show you Exhibits A to D, and you be the judge:

New one (left) vs Old (right) one: New- P250 Old- 200. Bodyshop: "We've increased the price and shrank the sponge! It's recession after all!"

New sponge (left photo) out of the resealable plastic
Length and width difference

Thickness difference

Height difference

If anyone has been an avid fan of the bodyshop's professional sponge from way back, have you noticed this difference if in any case you've repurchased recently? I'd love to know as I hate to imagine that I was cheated on this.


Allow me to sidetrack a bit...

I've been procrastinating my review that I was enrolled into 3 years ago for my busy life as a physiotherapist. Today, I quit work to make way for what I've been putting off for the past years. I will miss hospital work, but I still get a tinge of it via my home care patients.

Honestly, I'm scared of review school. I'm scared that I forgot a whole lot of my profession's theory. It's a great deal of difference between the academe and hospital set-up... a lil prcentage of the classroom stuff is significant to the job. Sad, noh? But that's reality. At least for us, PT's.

I enrolled last 2006. Good thing that it was a 'lifetime' review. Ayos noh? Where on earth can you find something like that?

I hope to take the US Licensure for PT mid-quarter of next year. Wish me luck as I jump into a whole new facet of my career.

Contests Galore


Whew! There are loads of contests going on in the blogger community and I'm so ecstatic!

Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer+FOTD

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Moving on with my Primer Review Series, let me do Barenaturals' Skin Perfecting Primer.

Skin Perfecting Primer sample, 5mL, 145php($4), from Barenaturals' site

I was a little reluctant to try this primer since its consistency was the most 'fluid' among the usual primers I've tried. However, it's a good thing that I chose not to pass up on this because it has a good number of pro's.

What I liked about it:
  • no scent at all
  • skin feels smooth and velvety ala smashbox photofinish primer
  • little amount is enough to create a good base for smoothing your foundie
  • locally available and relatively cheap
  • has sample bottles; good value for your money
  • Barenaturals owner practices good great customer service!

  • sample bottle has no pump for the flowy product to be dispensed properly
  • product is too runny for my liking
  • my oilies busted its oil-control abilities in 2 hours (t think that tonight was rather a cool evening... wondering how soon it will take for my makeup to budge if it were extremely hot and humid...)

Here's a pic I took after hearing mass (this was an hour after putting makeup on). We walked our way to and from the church as it wasn't too far from home. Notice that my face is staring to look dewy (which is a bad sign):

Face: Clinique DDMG
Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer
Clinique Superfit foundie in Neutral
Barenaturals Premium Glow mineral makeup in Olive Neutral Light-Med
Aromaleigh URFP
Cheeks&Lips: Bodyshop's lip and cheek tint

Hmmm, so I used a premium glow mineral foundie. I wonder if it is the cause of tonight's freaking oil. I'll give the primer another try using something else (like my dependable Joppa/Pure Anada mmu's that can control oilies) and update you.

Generally, I think that the not-so-oily gals will love this. It's cheap, locally available and it can give you that smashbox primer feel! Sadly, it didn't do well on me (for this night) so I don't think I'll be getting a full-sized bottle anytime soon.

Package from Lotus Palace


Today wasn't a good day for me. But then,

I drove to the Post Office and got my wonderful beauty loot from Kathi of Lotus Palace.

This is my much anticipated package ever since Miss Wiggle posted about the Jill Stuart palette she scored from dear Kathi. Who wouldn't be excited knowing that your stuff will be packed so cutely! I'm such a sucker for kawaii packages.

Kathi did not fail me... Look!

Shiseido, Kanebo and Ettusais eye palettes; BRTC BB pact, Cathy Cat oil-free foundie and 2 Arbutin face masks beneath the loot!

I told you about the cute packaging, didn't I? Right in my fingertips!

Strawberries, plaids, cherries and pink! That's my package's theme ata, ahluvit!

I bought 3 items from her. And here's what she sent me:

BB Balm? Bemish Balm Balm???! Forgive me, guess I got too giddy!

Now, for the emo part of this post...

I actually thought that I'd be gloomy all day because of the many personal problems I have. It's just amazing to realize how a lovingly wrapped package like this can brighten me up.

More than the package, I believe what truly made my day was realizing that someone from afar, who doesn't even know me personally, can actually touch my life. Kathi's note looked cutesy and plain with that kitty envelope, but it carried the right words to make me feel that someone actually cares.

She might not know it, but she was able to touch someone faaaar away from her.

I hope your day is as blessed as mine. My day might have set off on the wrong foot, but life's wonderful mysteries never cease to amaze me.

Win Laser Hair Removal and TCA Peel Treatments!



I'm so excited with this major contest!

I've posted my thoughts and experiences about Laser Hair Removal and TCA Peel before, and now, I'm letting you experience them, too!

Up for grabs are GC's for Laser Hair Removal of the underarms (till you achieve the desired appearance of underarms) and TCA peel of the back (1 session) at 6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center! If you are ready to document (via blogpost/s) your experience with these dermatological procedures, then join the contest!

This contest is open to all Metro Manila-based bloggers. You need to:
1. Become a subscriber.

2. Link this contest in your blog with the title, "Win Laser Hair Removal and TCA peel Treatments!"
3. Post a comment below stating:
a. your email add (the one you used to subscribe to my feed, will also be used to contact winners)
b. treatment of choice (laser hair treatment or TCA peel)
c. link to your post about this contest
d. if Beauty Bin deserves to be in your blogroll

Invalid Entries/Comments will be responded to and will be removed.

There will be three (3) winners: one for the Laser Hair Removal (underarms) and two for TCA peeling (back).

Contest ends on December 6, 2009, 10:00PM. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Dec 7, 2009.

N.B. 6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center is located at Medical Plaza Makati, Amorsolo Cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Please be sure that you're cool with that location :D I will not shoulder the transportation costs. GC's are non-transferrable and cannot be converted to cash. Treatment sessions must commence before 2009 ends.

Beauty Acronyms by Beautiful with Brains


I came across Giorgia's great blogpost that discussed Health & Beauty acronyms that most makeup newbies like me are dumbfounded with. Click this icon portal to her lovely page!

I'm sharing this interesting post with everyone since I find it really helpful. And oh, feel free to inform the author if you have other acronyms in your pocket that aren't listed in the roster!

Simple EOTD using 4U2 Gemtone Quad

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The first beauty blog I've ever read was Nikki's, and ever since that read, I fancied about being a pro with eye makeup. Nikki does an awesome job with her eye tuts. Too awesome that it makes a makeup newbie dream that she can pamper her eyes with a splash of wonderful colors, too!

So I tried prettifying my own peepers using the 4U2 Gemtone Eyeshadow Quad in Moonstone.

I stated that S2 and S3 looked similar on the pan during my previous post, I proved my observation wrong with this EOTD...
And I mentioned, too, that S4 looked horrible, well yes, it did.

Bodyshop crayon concealer in 02 applied all over the lid as a base; also applied on the undereye area
S3 brushed all over the lids using ELF shadow brush
S2 patted on the outer third of the lids using same brush
S1 on the inner corner & inner 2/3 of the lower lashline
Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Eyeliner in Brown (unsharpened, hence it looked kinda awful)
Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara + lash curler
And as a newbie, I FORGOT to highlight!

I thought that it looked to strong for my small eyes. And so I painted my eyelids with less color.

A more 'serene' eye. Oh, and I remembered to highlight! Just had to buff and blend well.

Bodyshop crayon concealer in 02 applied all over the lid as a base; also applied on the undereye area
S1 brushed all over the lids using ELF shadow brush
Bodyshop Argyle Pink below the crease using Nichido sponge tip applicator
Bodyshop Imperial Purple on outer 3rd of the lower lashline using Fanny Serrano eyeliner brush
Bodyshop Dusted Silver on the brow bone down to the area between nose and eye using ELF shadow brush
Bodyshop Dusted Silver on the inner corner of eye and on inner 2/3 of the lower lashline using Fanny Serrano eyeliner brush
The Face Shop's pen eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara + lash curler
Fashion21 brow kit

The tools. Gawd, I forgot how to count! 1-2-4-wth?

1. 4U2 Gemtone Quad (P424/$9)
2. Fashion 21 Brow Kit (P100+/$2)
4. old lash curler I need to replace
5. Bodyshop crayon concealer 02 (P600+/$13)
6. ELF eyeshadow brush (P129/$2... it's just a dollar in the U.S., i know)
7. Nichido's sponge tip applicator (set of, erm, 4? or 5? P36.50/75cents)
8. Fanny Serrano short eyeliner brush (P75/$1.50)
9. The Face Shop pen eyeliner in Black
10. Bodyshop's shimmer+sparkle cubes (P1000+/$20)

I only used ELF's eyeshadow brush for these looks (no blending brush or crease brush or whatever... i can't believe it). It is amateur, but methinks I pulled through just fine.

Once I get to buy the other important eye brushes (I'm thinking of MAC 217 and 239) and some fancy lashes, I think I can live up to creating an Askmewhats eye look I've always wanted.


Madeleine is giving away a $15 Aromaleigh GC. Ooooh, i love their URFP's! If you want in, jump in with me to join her contest!

4U2 Gemtone Quad Eye Palette

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Epilogue to my previous post entitled, 'Beauty Tool Hot Seat: Brushes!': The winner of the Bloom Blush Brush is Larrisa Pedrosa. I was flooded with answers! Thank you girls! By the way, the answer is: all are synthetic. :)


I dropped by Watson's today and bought an eye palette. 4U2 offers a good number of eye shadow pans, including quads and 8-pan palettes.

4U2 Gemtone 4-color Eyeshadow in Moonstone
Watson's, 424php (~$9)

The 4u2 Gemtone Eyeshadow Quad line offers around 12 palettes (I think) in a simple yet catchy packaging. I wanted to buy all palettes, but doing so would be too much... at least for a person who barely knows how to put on eye makeup. So I bought their Moonstone palette.

On the Packaging:
It is decent, it doesn't look cheap. The product is so compact you can throw it in your kikay kit.

Oooooh... looks like a nugget, eh? The Gemtone Quads come in different colors!


Unfortunately, you can tell that packaging is of poor quality once you open the case. There are scratches on the plastic edges and the pans aren't aligned. Call me an OC, but these low-end makeup manufacturers should at least exert effort to take note of the littlest details.

I am clueless about the product's manufacturing date... is it MFG 291107? Nov 29 07? If it is, this is a big 'Oh no!' because I hate getting items that were made ages ago... and 2 years ago is ages ago.

No expiry date; and is this the manufacture date?

Another 'uh-oh' on the packaging is that it doesn't have those tiny holes for depotting. You'll have to use something that can fit the tiny space at the center created by the pans to take them out. Come to think of it, I never saw refills at the counter. However, the SA claimed that refill pans will be on stock soon.

On the shadows:
This Gemtone line is a collection of powdery shadows. Some colors can be chalky (but this specific quad, moonstone, isn't...yay!). The shadows are very pigmented.

Shadows with no name...

I noticed that S2 and S3 looked similar on the pan, while S2 and S4 were hardly distinct from each other when swatched.

swatches under lighting #1

swatches under a different lighting

The only shadows I think I'd use are S1 and S3. S2 is so-so, while S4 is horrible! I'm not sure... but perhaps as I learn more about eye makeup application (and buy the right eye brushes), I'll retract this statement. Who knows?

On the Price:
For 424php, you get pretty eye colors packed in a sleek casing. That's neat!

4U2 cosmetics are owned by Belair Cosmetics (USA) and are manufactured in Thailand. It's a shame that 4U2's website isn't working as I love to learn more about them.

I'd love to recommend this, but knowing that Maybelline has eyeshadow quads retailing at ~450php, I might opt to spend on collecting the Maybelline quads over 4U2's.

Beauty Tool Hot Seat: Brushes!

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Test yourself: Can you identify which are synthetic brushes? The 10th person to email me the correct and complete answer wins a Bloom blush brush!


I've only started using makeup brushes during the second quarter of this year. I bought a couple of 'em without understanding their structure, thus, wasting good money for those that I have no use for.

So before you get those moolah wasted, acquaint yourselves with brushes first.

Brushes are primarily categorized based on the type of bristles. We have:

1. Natural Brushes- made of real animal hair (goat, squirrel, badger, and more!)
(note: there are no brushes made of skunk hair. The term 'skunk' pertains to the black and white appearance of the mixture of hair)
2. Synthetic Brushes- out of man-made fibers like nylon and taklon.




Bristles are shiny on pics; hair strands hardly seen as single units

Bristles appear to be more defined (like you can see the demarcation of the strands) on pics

Bristle Texture

Very soft; can be easily deformed

Soft and smooth but firm




Brush Care

It may be a pain to remove makeup stains

Bristles do not trap the product, easier to remove stains

These are the basics in knowing your brushes a lil bit more. Stay tuned for part two, makeup newbies! We'll talk about face brushes, eye brushes, and great tips on purchasing brushes!

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