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Monolid Solutions: Creating Double Eyelids with Eye Tapes

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Perhaps one of the reasons why I never really ventured into alot of eye makeup is that it doesn't show up on my monolid eyes. I have unequal (there are days when my right eye crease is bigger than my left, and conversely), monolids that can be a pain to work with when putting on some eye colors (maybe because I'm so much a newb in it?)

I hauled some eye tapes and glue way back April 09 hoping to get a pretty pop with my peepers. And the eye tapes were actually impressive in giving me natural-looking double eyelids!

My monolid eyes

I got them from my Hongkong trip and have seen putting them up on sale these holidays.

I'm using the short eye tapes for my small eyes. I find them best for beginners.

Double eyelids are possible with eye tapes! My eye to your right has a tape.

Double eyelids can give an effortless ooomph to your peepers!

What I love about 'em:
  • they're transparent and a breeze to put on (after several practices, yes)
  • they make you really pretty. not that i hate my monolids, but they just make you appear doll-like!
  • they give you double eyelids even after you take em off (say you've been wearing them for 3hours or so... the double lids last a good 8 or more hours). I'm so amazed!
  • not icky sticky
  • comes off easy
  • no need to tug the eyes so you don't have to brood over getting wrinkles and all that!
  • you can still put eye primers/shadows on your lids even if you have em on

  • you'll have to practice creating your natural double lids... so this phase will waste a handful of the tapes. BUT You may want to check some posts or vids on how to put it right!
  • not locally available, BUT you may want to create your own eyelid tapes! or buy from
  • it'll stick out of your crease when placed wrongly
  • there are tutorials that involve poking the eyes (like how you would do it with eyelid glues), but I've learned how to put my tapes in a harsh-free manner


  1. Make sure you're working on clean, sweat-free lids! blot lids if necessary
  2. You may use tweezers, but clean fingertips can work well, too
  3. Stick the tape below your desired crease
  4. Start sticking the tape on the outer 2/3rds of the lids; never on the inner corners
  5. Don't be afraid to adjust! The tapes aren't that easy to lose their stick-on abilities.
  6. Harsh-free application means you have to practice, practice, practice!

What do you think? Are you ready to give your eyes a boost with eyelid tapes? Try cutting out your own tapes today for practice!

New (and Final?) Layout


So I changed my template again.  This is the third time I'm dressing The Beauty Bin up since July this year.

I never fail to sleep at 5 or 6AM because dressing up blogs isn't as easy as pulling out clothes from one's wardrobe to mix and match.  Well maybe because I'm no techie.

Thank God for blogger resources I've googled up, else, I would've slept at a later later later time!  I found Blogger SentralDeluxe Templates and Tips for New Bloggers waaaaay helpful than I expected.

Original Blogger Template turned into.... new page!

I wanted a neat layout, a bigger space for the posts, and a design that loaded pretty quick (just think of the ads as helpful and revenue-generating clutters you can click on to help me).  All throughout the wee hours, I thought of how I can turn this site a home for my readers, too!

So here it is, I hope it didn't take forever to load up from your end.  If it did, hit me up and I can revamp The Beauty Bin the fourth time!

Adopt a BB Cream This 2010!



It's a couple of days more before another year starts and I'd LOVE to celebrate it by sharing the love!

My beauty blogging colleague, Babyjap of the V-Spot, allowed me to check out Missha Watery BB Cream--- which I am now putting up for adoption.

If I get more than one adoption request for it, I will be raffling it off a few days after New Year

How to Adopt this Baby (open to ALL residents of the Philippines):

1. Briefly tell us why you want this baby in your kikay kit through a blogpost or any social media.
2. Link Babyjap's page and this page to that post.
3. Leave the link to that blogpost/social media share by commenting below.
4. Submission of adoption candidacies will close on January 10, 2010.

The future adoptive mom (or dad? well, guys can join...) of this Missha Watery BB Cream will be chosen on January 11, 2010. Shipping's on me.

It Could've Been Love: Face Shop's Easy Liner

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The Face Shop's Easy Liner (felt tip eyeliner) comes in handy to newbies like me who'd love to break free from the usual pencil eyeliners. I've loved the dramatic look that liquid liners (from Fanny Serrano) gave my eyes, but they can be a painstaking task to work with considering my substandard eye makeup skills.

Thank pen liners for making it easier to achieve dramatic eyes! I've tried the Face Shop's Easy Liner eyeliner in Black and it was a relief that you don't have to be a makeup pro to achieve outstanding eyes!

The Face Shop Easy Liner Eyeliner in Black, ~300php

What I loved about it:
  • eye lining became easier with this tool! (it makes the scary concept of eye lining a lil bit easier by letting you literally draw on your lashlines)
  • you can easily remove 'wobbly hand errors' with a Q-tip!
  • easy to create thin lines!
  • length and diameter of the pen makes it easy to use and hold
  • the felt tip feature makes it easy to wing the eyes
  • cheap, locally available

  • faint color on first stroke; you have to layer it a couple of times to achieve the liquid liner eyes
  • this liner is scented (think marker/pentel pens, but it isn't that strong!)
  • you still have to do quick tapping motions (like letting the ink sink into the tip) before every use
  • takes a minute to dry up; if you're too excited to open your eyes, it'll lead to...

...the greatest uh-oh:

It smudges on me BIG TIME. This was 30minutes post-application. It can look ickier if you don't wait for it to dry up. How bad is that?

Other stuff:
The faint black on first stroke. I think I fared well in lining here (look how thin the line is!). And I can't wing my eyes in this natural fashion if I'm not using the pen liner.

Lined vs. non-lined lashlines. Layering to achieve my dramatic black. See how I've managed to keep the wing in tip top shape (despite having to go through it several times).

It really could've been love if it weren't for the smudging! Or, in another perspective, it could've been love if it weren't for my oily lids. ***sigh*** Now I'm still on the hunt for a good pen eyeliner...

Mineral Makeup Weekend Year 3!


Mineral makeup lovers, unite!
And for curious newbies, you are all invited!

When: December 19 & 20, 2009 (10 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Where: Greenmeadows Clubhouse (inside Greenmeadows Bazaar)

Experience healthy and skin-friendly makeup, and feel the difference!
Bringing the sensation from the US, we are launching the concept of
mineral makeup here in the Philippines. We are proud to be hosting the third year of the much-awaited MINERAL MAKEUP WEEKEND, which brings together different MMU brands under one roof to celebrate mineral makeup and create more awareness about it to the market. Six brands would be joining, and as a treat to all visitors, free samples will be given away, as well as free makeovers and skin consultations.

We are giving away 200 FREE mineral makeup lootbags,
worth Php500 each!!! (includes one sample from each participating brand)

Take a Step Into The Austin Powers Room

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I had to argue hard with boyfie on letting me attend my dear friend's Bachelorette Party. He was totally against the idea of me having to drive into a motel--- the party's venue.

I actually went "Whut the..." when I learned of the event's venue. But since there was nothing much I can do about it, and I won't miss this event for anything, I found a way not to have problems asking for permission to attend the event (yep, I'm almost 30 years old but I have to wait for 'go signals' from mom and dad for evening parties). I never told my mom where the party's gonna be, and so she was good to let me go to my childhood friend's bridal shower.

Now with boyfie's case, he was a tougher one to ask permission from. I dropped him a few details, tried to lie a bit, but I was such a bad liar.

He was so upset that I still managed to go despite his being against it.

And these were the motel's "scenic spots" (LOL) I would've missed if I hadn't been a stubborn pig:

It was a bright, fun room! And I actually thought motels were devoid of light!!!

LOL at the cage. My girlfriends danced like crazy in there!

A cozy cushion we slumped into after tiring ourselves from the games!

A disco ball inside the bathroom?

My lovelies: Ara and Tin. Tin (the one seated) is my beloved childhood friend--- we were busmates and schoolmates from Kindergarten up till high school! I'm happy kinda sad about her wedding...

For the Makeup Newbies--- Why a Lid Primer is a Must

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Simply because it makes your eye color splendid!

I've recently experimented with eye stuff and came across eye primers while going through articles, forum posts and Youtube tuts.

And so one night, I played with my Shiseido eye palette I got from Lotus Palace and tried a primed vs non-primed look.

Here's a pic of the experiment taken 3 hours after application (yeah, I walked around the house like a raccoon, and everybody was, "Are you okay?"). The colors on my eye, to your left (no primer), looks like it's slowly being washed out already. The colors to your right, on the other hand, are still "alive" and are still able to make my eyes pop a little.

I used The Bodyshop's Pencil concealer in 03 to prime my lids here.

Lid Primers you can use:

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original or Sin ($17)

Swatches: (L-R) Urban Decay Primer Potion Original (UDPP), Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin (UDPPS), Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFI)

Hailed 'the best lid primer' by many. It isn't locally available but you can check and multiply sites for a handful of resellers (price range: 1100-1300php for a 0.34oz bottle).

Original is sheer and colorless, while Sin has a hint of shimmery champagne color. While most girls claim that they perform equally well, some are inclined to use Sin since it can be an eye color as it is.

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17)

This lid primer is at par with UDPP... IF you live in not so humid countries. If you're oily and you live in a tropical country like the Philippines, this'll just melt your eye color away....

This is less popular here in our country, but you might want to try and multiply sites if you're interested.

3. MAC Paint Pots (1,100php in Philippine MAC counters; $16.50 at

These are actually eye shadows, but I've read that MAC paint pots come in highly recommended to improve eye pigments, too. The most famous paint pot to prime the lids is Soft Ochre. You may also want o try Bare Study if you want some sort of frost in your lids.

4. Your usual concealer!

The Bodyshop's Pencil Concealer (600+php/ $11)

If you're not the type who oils on the lids too much, you can reach for your regular concealer.

I really don't wear eye makeup, so I'm good with Bodyshop's creamy concealer during 'play time'. It can actually make the colors I play with come to life!

I'm actually rooting to get the UDPP one of these days. I love my concealer, but with my uber oily lids (and face!), I don't want to end up looking like I splashed on poster paint on my lids!




Shipping via Air21, Meetups possible depending on my sched
Mode of Payment: Unionbank/ BPI bank deposit

SOLD BNew Stila Eyeshadow Trio in Bronze Glow

SOLD Shu Uemura Fleur de Source Palette, used thrice

SOLD BNew Stila Perfecting Foundation (shade D; medium, perfect for NC30-35)

SOLD BNew Stila Contouring Palette

SOLD Smashbox mini lipglosses in Photo, Write, Zip and Go
80php each

SOLD Shiseido E4 Eye Square Palette (4 shadows, 1 black cream liner, 1 highlighter, 2 applicators with liner brush) 400php

SOLD Clairol Spray Gel (Hairspray), purchased May 09, spritzed twice
Look glamorous with a hair gel that sparkles

SOLD Clinique Advanced Concealer Camouflant Extreme, purchased August 09, tested shade only

SOLD BRTC UV White Sun Protect BB Pact, purchased last November 09, tested once

SOLD Kanebo Lavshuca Eye Palette in GN-1 (neutrals), purchased last Nov 09, used

SOLD Ettusais Aquatc Shimmer Eye Color (2008 collection), purchased last Nov 09, used

SOLD Ever Bilena Cheek blush, purchased last week, tested
shade: Cheek (reddish shade of pink)

SOLD Skinhour Mattifying Cream Primer, purchased October 09, spatula used to take product out

Lara of NARS transformed my Boyish Sister into a Lady

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Lara of NARS Shang is the sweetest, greatest, kindest soul who said 'yes' to my urgent request that she do our makeup for my brother's wedding. That was 3 days before the event.

We were really happy with our makeup! She's superb since she considers our suggestions on the kind of look we wanted to sport. Most MUA's would just insist on the kind of look they wanted for their clients, period. But Lara... that girl... she was just awesome!

My sister had long, boring hair, and we wanted her to look a little girly from her usual boyish self, and so we let Lara style her hair (my mom and I had short cuts and we didn't want anything extravagant really on our locks).

Here's how she looks like on normal days:

With makeup and hair styling, and without the drumset:

Isn't Lara the best???

Contest Winners



Thanks to everyone who joined!

I just had to disqualify two entries who failed to subscribe to my blog (y'know who you are, girls!).

LIZ automatically wins the TCA Peel (of the back) since she was the only one who wanted it outright. Bunchcup's first choice will be considered (which is Laser Hair Removal).

Laser Hair Removal treatment (unlimited sessions) goes to BEC

TCA Peel goes to LIZ and SUSH.

I will be emailing instructions on how to claim your GC's.

I had a few girls join, mainly because of the many restrictions (Metro Manila residents, bloggers only, you have to subscribe...blah blah), but I'm thinking of having a giveaway anytime soon that'd be open to EVERYONE. Stay tuned!

Style Diary


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I suddenly remembered I used to post what I wear over my Style Diary! Gosh, this was last quarter of 08, and I can't believe how weird I dressed back then.

Hopefully, I get to post more updated pics.

It sure is fun to see how one's sense of fashion evolves!

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