Throw Me Anythin Cheap



Because I luhuuvvv all things pretty and cheap :)

Do you ever snob those 10-peso miscellaneous stores you find in the mall (lahat sampung piso store)? I actually regret the days I did the day I found a couple of nice bracelets from them. I got some beaded bracelets, three of which I wore here:

2 for 15 pesos --- not bad! 

The downside to this great bargain is that you'll definitely end up bumping into someone wearing the same stuff since the store keeps a gazillion of each piece. Also, there isn't much of a variety in the designs and colors.

Pairing them with a white & silver cuff

The beads below, minus the neon coolness, are VERY similar to those I got (both photos from

The colors are more like these: 

I feel triumphant every time I score pieces that are durrrt cheap. And with stores like these around, my addiction for cheap stuff will never go hungry!


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