Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt: An Interesting Makeup Remover

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During the Jane Iredale event last month, I was lucky to experience how their magic mitt makeup remover was able to magically turn my face into a clean slate! Shen and Jheng got really impressed that they bought one for themselves!

Ms Judith Barran, owner of True Scents & Minerals, Jheng and Shen

Jheng experiencing the Jane Iredale magic mitt action

Shen being too cute for the photos as she poses for me!

The best thing about this type of makeup remover is that it's ideal for travel, gentle, easy to use, exfoliates while cleaning the face, and is less expensive. Check out this Youtube vid.

This has a high-rating at MUA, rating 4.2/5 from 40 reviewers. Check out what this has to offer:

Label says:

  • Magic Mitt quickly and completely removes makeup using NO cleanser
  • This cleansing process promotes the health of the skin because it does not affect the skin's natural acid mantle
  • When this beneficial barrier is intact, it aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful and invasive bacteria
  • Not only will your skin thank you for using Magic Mitt, but you will also save yourself minutes at the beginning and end of each day

Magic Mitt is Made Of:

Magic Mitt is made from a new generation of specially knitted micro-fibers many times thinner than a human hair. When wet they create a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin.

Magic Mitt from Jane Iredale, $15 on website
895 php locally

How To Use:

Use Magic Mitt the way you would a washcloth. Soak it in tepid water and remove makeup. When completed, wash the Mitt in soap to cleanse. Rinse in clear water, then hang up to dry. When dry, it is sterile.


You can purchase these mitt makeup removers from Jane Iredale website. Jane Iredale Philippines is located at True Scents and Minerals Showrooms at Makati and Davao.

I'm definitely seeing this type of makeup remover as an ideal skincare staple. I have to finish up my Shu Uemura Pink and Kanebo Freshel cleansing oils before getting this. I find the magic mitt a bit pricey though since Aquazorb costs way lower than this.

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