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Of Cheap Belts and Bags

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When I bought my cheap Trunk Show braided-strap flats weeks ago, I forgot to mention that I snagged cheap accessories from the Landmark, Trinoma after a hearty meal from Cyma.

I bought a 99php (a little over a dollar) gray waist belt that matched a lot of my clothes!  Most of the pieces it went well with are dark-colored tops, skirts and dresses.  I never realized that it looked clean and nice on whites, too!

Gray waist belt, the Landmark Trinoma
striped spag top- Cotton On
linen skirt- forever21
coral shoulder bag- the Landmark Trinoma

the star: gray waist belt with silver buckle, 99php

The cute coral chain-strapped bag on the other hand was a bargain I got from the same store when I met up with the beautiful beauty guru, Pammy (you should check out her Nyx cream blush reviews and her ingenious discovery on lipstick dupes).  I got it for 500 bucks ($10).

The other belt I bought was the braided type .  It was priced 79php! Hah! All in all, I hauled only 678php for these fab closet staples (2 belts, 1 bag)!

waist belt + braided belt= lalalove
Don't you just love it when you get to score great stuff you know you'll find useful at such a low price?  Thank heavens for The Landmark for making most fashion quick fix affordable!

Do or Dye: Cheap Hair Color by Revlon Colorsilk

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UPDATE: My colorist divulged that she used Revlon Colorsilk #54 on my virgin, black hair on the first coloring session. Succeeding colors, I was alreading using Revlon Colorsilk #50, Light Ash Brown

It was hair color that turned my life around at one point.  It may seem shallow but it actually did.  Revlon Colorsilk was a big part in boosting my self-esteem (me ranting in this post is an isolated case).

I dreaded having my hair colored but I was persuaded by Revlon Galleria's colorist to give it a shot.  And I think it was one of the few risks I made that I really felt happy about!

Hair Evolution

I had virgin hair for 26 years.  No treatments, just plain hair cut.  I was never vampy or chic.  I was almost always hesitant to venture into new things (like fashion, makeup and attending events) because of the lack of confidence.

Here's a shot of my black hair (and my nene look!).  My life revolved around my dog.

And so when I decided to have my hair colored, it was a real milestone for me.

How much does hair color treatment range these days?  You'll be shelling out more than a thousand pesos ($20) in salons if you want a satisfactory service, over two thousand if you want something superb.

Revlon Colorsilk in 50, 395php ($8)

I spent 350 pesos ($7) for mine.  It isn't celebrity-ish, but it just enhanced the way I looked and turned out to be more than what I expected.

Here's after having Revlon Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown on my locks.

Revlon Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown (50) without flash

with flash

Revlon colorsilk can look a bit toned down over natural lighting

Color has worn off.  Tie your hair in a pony or a bun to hide the hairline that shows irregularity in color.

I've been having my hair colored (on an irregular basis) since then and fortunately, I'm always happy everytime I walk out of the salon.  To sum up my experience:

What I love:
- cheap but the color looks sosyal (classy) on the hair
- free hair coloring on promo days (or months!)
- great color pay-off, Coloesilk has a wiiiiiiide range of colors you can choose from
- the colorist was expert enough to pick the perfect shade for me; she evenly applied the color, too
- light ash brown accentuated the shine on my hair

More info
Revlon Colorsilk is a permanent hair color.  It doesn't wash away, it just grows out
Have the color applied at least 24 hours post-shampoo/conditioner.  Natural oils are stripped from the scalp when using these products and you need at least a day to renew these oils. These oils will protect the scalp from any damage that the chemicals might cause
Post-coloring, it leaves the hair with a nasty smell that can last days
Colored hair needs special care.  I use L'oreal Elseve's hair rinse (for colored hair)daily  and their Re-nutrition hair masque (with royal jelly) once a week
This hair color has high ratings at MUA (4.0/5.0 by 438 reviewers)
 Normally, Revlon Colorsilk hair color is priced 395php ($8), if you're lucky, like me, you can get the product at 10-20%off and have it applied on your locks, free!  Otherwise, you can buy the color and have your hairdresser work with it
Check your brows.  You wouldn't want to look weird. I lightened mine using Sally Hansen's bleaching kit.

LOL at the brows!

Color me brown! Brown hair and brows look better together

If you're still thinking in disbelief how Revlon Colorsilk can turn my life 360, then you must be a guy.  I've done things I never dared to before, improved my public speaking, actively participated in events, and I've done a long list of things I'd normally become reluctant about because I felt ugly.  Yes, things have changed because of a hair color!

Clinique Moisturizing Gel Review

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It's a love-hate relationship with one of Clinique's famous products --- the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I've been using it for more than a year now and this is what I have to say:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, 2400php ($24 @ Clinique website)

What I love about it:
- easily absorbed by the skin, no sticky feeling!
- made my face more radiant and supple the next day
- allows makeup to glide smoothly on the skin
- the scent is not too strong
- i can mix it with my mineral powders to create a mineral creamy base
- good value for money since 1x pump can cover the entire face
- works like a primer (like Skinhour mattifying moisturizer) on cooler days

- no SPF
- after 9 months, I started breaking out because of this; and so

the Antidote:
- use it every other night
- avoid using it under makeup if it's gonna be real humid 

I'm still using the dramatically different moisturizing gel right now.  When I broke out after the 9-month love affair, I totally stopped slathering it on for 2 weeks.  My skin got better but I noticed the significant dullness.  My skin also started to get a bit coarse.  That's when I resumed using it every other night (and I no longer moisturize in the morning) which brought back the radiance that I missed.

This would last me another 6 months with this kind of frequency of use.  I really don't know if it was a good thing I broke out (I get to prolong my supply and save some moolah!).  Nevertheless, I'm still sticking by Clinique because my combination-to-oily skin just can't get enough of the brightening effects of this moisturizing gel!
My skincare regimen includes: pond's cold cream, kojic soap from Doc Six Foronda (my derma), clinique toner 3, retinoic acid 0.1% from derma and spot treatment using acne solution from my derma

Moisturizers are given 2-3 years before they expire.

If Hayden Can Do It, So Can I



Okay, so Hayden Kho launched his perfume line just recently and I'm gushing at the fact that he's back smiling at the limelight.

Photo Source
Hayden's gone through a tumultuous swing at life not so long ago with sex video scandals, relationship hung-ups (both romantic and platonic)  and several attacks on his personal and professional (and all the other -al's one may possibly think of) life.  In short, pinagsakluban siya ng tadhana and the entire chaos flashed before him and some few millions of eavesdropping (and even the not-so-eavesdropping) public.

And here he is now.  Fragrant as ever with his perfume collection.  I bumped into pictures over Chuvaness' page and I suddenly felt an air of nostalgia.

Hayden traveled to Paris to train under fragrance experts (Photo Source)

Tattered, but not broken (Photo Source)

I suddenly remembered my dreams.  I suddenly remembered everything that I chose to forget.

I dreamt of making a name for myself some day so that my parents will get something out of their laborious efforts in sending me to school, feeding me more than three meals a day, and providing me a life that's more than comfortable.  I wanted their eyes brimming with tears --- extremely joyful and proud at their famous daughter.

Everything nice I planned in college had to take a backseat for some lame reason.  Love. Hah.

Now that love's robbed me of my youth and time, I just can't find the confidence I need to be more than the ordinary.  I learned to settle for less, withdraw from the rest of the world, and smirk at the thought that I can be famous someday.  All I know is that I can no longer be the girl my mom and dad can really be proud of.

Everything happens for a reason --- good or bad.  I am inspired by the turn-of-events in Hayden's life.  While people continue to curse him, pervs relentlessly feast on his video scandals, and his medical license currently revoked, he didn't stop dreaming big.

I have my license as a physiotherapist.  I have a good job.  I've never been put through such public scandal.  I have the best people (whom I've shut out from my life) to support me despite my life's downfalls.  Well, what do you know, I'm luckier than Hayden Kho!  I've no excuse for not dreaming my dream!

The plans may have been put on hold for quite some time now but it's not enough reason to completely abandon the dream.  Yes, I will be famous.  I dream of discovering medical breakthroughs or becoming a really great entrepreneur.  Get me a male Vicki Belo to hold hands with and I may be able to expedite things.

Seriously, it all starts with knowing that YOU CAN.  To consider what you've always wanted as a kid, and to finally remember the dream that you once chose to forget.

My Friday Foodfest at Cyma & Parvati

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I decided to treat myself to Cyma Trinoma's Greek cuisine after surviving yet another week of juggling work and review classes.  I didn't eat much at school today leaving my tummy real roomy for good food.

Cyma's Spinach and Artichoke Foundue, 350php
- it's got sun-dried tomatoes and squares of feta cheese swimming in that pool of creamy cheese
- served with toasted bread and pita
I ordered Spinach and Artichoke Fondue to satisfy this week's craving for cheese, Steak Souvlaki to make my entire meal protein-rich (I'm on a low-carb, high-protein diet; I'm targeting to lose the extra pound before December), and Roka Salata to get the guilt out of gobbling up the unnecessary calories from the entire gastronomic experience.

Cyma's Steak Souvlaki, 430php with spinach rice, 130php
i skipped the pita bread and ate rice instead.  i'm vouching for this tandem as a perfect meal for guys, really .

i really liked this!  it blended perfectly with the meat.
[waitress said] it's japanese rice. topped with feta cheese (and i thought twas tofu!)
And yes, something to balance out the meal, a salad.  The best way to go low on carbs is to ingest unrefined carbs.  Veggies are unrefined carbs (or complex carbs) --- sugars that the body finds easier to break down (it's really a misnomer that they're called complex carbs) so that no one has to end up storing too much fat in the body!  Other unrefined carbs include whole wheat grains, fruits, beans and nuts.

Refined carbs (simple carbs, the bad sugar) include white rice, white bread, softdrinks, fruit juices, etc.

Cyma's Roka Salata, solo 330php

tossed greens, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and shredded parmesan cheese!

Other Cyma must-try's are: hirine brizola (grilled porkchops, these are more tender than the steak kabab that i ate), moussaka (oh, the calories! i just can't have this at this point of fatness) and their gyros (pronounced 'yeer-ohs').

I brought home a good lot of leftovers.  But it just doesn't stop there.

I headed to Parvati to meet up with the boyfie for dessert (sweet!).  Cyma has drool-worthy desserts (try skolatina), but Parvati has better ones, IMO.  I feasted on my favorite cream CHEESE brownies while the bf had triple decker CHEESEcake.  We were just so cheesey today... literally.

Parvati Bakeshop @ the Trinoma Mall, it's such a tiny coffee shop!

We're lucky to have the place to ourselves... weird, though. we usually find the place packed.

Parvati: small place, big fridges

Parvatis Cream Cheese brownies, raised their prices to 240php though :(

Parvati Triple Decker Cheesecake, 130php per slice. i will order a whole cake from their baker next month.

We went to watch RED afterwards.  It was a great movie for us stressed-out couple.  We both love John Malkovich and seeing him trying to be funny this time was a total laughtrip!  There was even one person who coughed so hard for minutes as a follow through to the hilarious screaming suicide bomber Malkovich scene.

the huge movie pop-out art for RED at the Trinoma cinemas
Overall, the 2-hour movie was nice.  No Inception-ish arguments at the end of the movie, no regrets for the 170php movie ticket... just our belly wanting to burst from the hilarity of the film.  I didn't think Bruce Willis looked like a retiree, though.  I would've wanted a funny Robert de Niro instead. :)

This is the first time I've blogged about my Friday, second time blogging real-time (first real-time post was about my cute flat shoes).  Perhaps I'm on a high from the good food, sweets, funny movie and the fact that it's been a date night.  I hope you had a fun Friday, too!

P.S. SALE Alert!  Drop by and score great finds from them this weekend!  Check out other fab deals at the Sale Alert Page.

Topshop and Topman Trinoma, up to 50% sale

Dorothy Perkins Trinoma Sale

Cyma Restaurant
4/F Trinoma Mall, G/F Greenbelt 2
also located at Shangri-la Mall, Eastwood Mall, and ATC
Provincially located at Ayala Center Cebu and D'Mall at Boracay

Parvati Bakeshop
G/F Trinoma Mall, below National Bookstore

My Pair of Fab Flats From Trunk Show

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My fave white peeptoes breathed its last yesterday after a thousand miles of strenuous walks.  After review classes today, I dropped by Trinoma mall to check out any shoes on bargain.  My eyes popped with joy when I saw Trunk Show's display of braided-strap flats.  The cheapo inside me wanted to hold back because none of these were discounted. 

Trunk Show Cece flats in Purple, Gray, Black and Red

I raided the store anyway and I sure did the right thing because I scored the perfect pair of flats without hearing protests from my wallet.  I really wanted the gray braided flats though, but they no longer had my size.

So here's what I brought home instead:

Trunk Show Cece flats in Red (price stated at the end of the article)
Features: braided straps (to match braided belts with!) and garterized locks for that easy slip-on effect

Here are five great reasons why you should check this store out:

1.  They have a good selection of trendy and classic pairs of shoes.
The trendy pairs I've sighted from their collection included flat and heeled oxfords (flats were with brogueing), ballet flats, and strappy heels. 
Trunk Show heeled oxfords, 1450

I also consider Trunk Show a haven for timeless pieces.  Other fab flats available at the store were:
Trunk Show studded ballet falts (brown) 850

Trunk Show Dainty flats with applique, 850

Trunk Show gray sandals, 799

Trunk Show Cutout flats in Old Rose, 850

2.  There are pairs that have a remarkably unique design.
I noticed that they have three or four designs that make people look at your footwear the second time around.  Despite their being edgy, these pairs are really wearable and will not limit you to certain types of clothing.  It's a pain I didn't get shots of them... I got too mesmerized looking at these Trunk Show pieces.

3.  They don't mass produce.
From their clothing line to their shoes, they keep a low number of stocks for each size (two stocks per size I believe).  You get to enjoy the uniqueness of what you wear!

4. They have trendy accessories.
I found funky stockings, tights, socks, belts and jewelry any girl would covet.  I've long wanted to get bow belts and I found some from them, too (white and black ones). 

Are you edgy or girly?  

5.  Affordable, comfortable and sturdy pieces.
I never fail to test my foot candies for durability.  I tried to pull sides of my braided-straps flats and they passed my test.  The real test begins tomorrow when I walk in them, though.  I will update you on that.

Affordable at 550!  More Colors...

Affordable at 550! More Colors...

They have good customer service, too!  SA Tin and her colleague helped me out with choosing what's best for my feet.  I am wary of attendants who are easily irked by customers who try on a lot of shoes, but I just didn't feel this way with Trunk Show Trinoma.  I was actually treated right.

I bought a pair of white capped-toe ballet flats a couple of days ago during Landmark Trinoma's sale.  I thought that was a good buy at 549 bucks.  It's still unused as of today because of the rainy weather.  I felt that it didn't deserve the mud or any dirt because it was brand new (and the fact that it is holy white!).  Well, I should've waited for this day because I got a better deal from Trunk Show and paid 550php for my new pair of flats!

Trunk show stalls are at 2/F Trinoma (few blocks from the food court area, across Bench Fix), 3/F Teens Zone Glorietta 3 Makati (across Toby's)

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Review

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I grew tired of heating up my Fanny Serrano gel liner.  Mainly because I actually found a new HG gel liner to replace it with --- the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner.  By far, this is the best eyeliner I've ever used based largely on its affordability.

Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
449php at Maybelline counters

It has this cute tin screw cap

Not only is it cheap, but the color pay-off is just HG material (see EOTD's here).  You don't need to swipe your brush several strokes just to get your eyes lined dramatically.  Here are some swatches:

Maybelline Lasting Dram Gel Liner swatched once using the free brush

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner's intense black color (stroked twice)

After being impressed with the color pay-off, I tested if it's really smudge-proof.  Lo and behold, it fairly stayed put after rubbing it with my finger.

Trust me, I've already rubbed it... it just won't come off (although you can already see streaks that go downward)

After using the Maybelline Gel liner for weeks, I knew it's HG material for me.  It never washed off nor smudged grossly during the entire time I wore it (approx 9 hours).  And when my lids got really oily because of the humid weather, the color just lightened a bit.  It never gave me horrific eyes like some liquid eyeliners gave me (remember my Faceshop liquid liner horror story?) 

I've tried to use it on my waterline, too.  It smudged a little at the end of the day, but it was a nice smudge.  Like I had pretty smokey eyes.  

What I loved about it:
  • dries up quick during application (while this may be a con for those who are just starting out with eyeliners)
  • doesn't smudge
  • great color pay-off
  • lasts my oily lids up to 9 hours!
well what do you know....
... it sure lived up to its claims! quick dry, intense color, lasts all day and is smudge-proof!
  • entire tub does not dry up easily (Fanny Serrano gel liner completely dried up after 3 weeks despite sealing it tightly)
  • comes with a free eyeliner brush
  • the packaging fits your purse! really handy
  • affordable and readily available (and at discounted prices, too!)

  • the brush that comes with it is a bit flimsy for my liking; others can get their way around it, though
  • tub is too small

Some tips to enjoy your Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner:
  • always make sure that you are using a clean brush; never dip a used brush into the product to avoid contamination
  • dip your brush a bit parallel to the product to avoid creating a "black hole" in your pot
  • an eyeliner sealant can reinforce the gel liner's strength in resisting smudging
  • post-care must ALWAYS include (a) tightly sealing the gel liner pot and (b)washing the brush
  • purchase it at an even lower price during Maybelline's frequent sales; I got mine at 20% off!
Maybelline's Lasting Gel Drama is a beauty staple for girls with oily lids like mine.  It comes in brown, too which my friend, Nikki, reviewed.  Check out her take on this great gel liner!

Forever 21 Manila Makes Way For Its First Major Sale

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It's just been 3 months since Forever 21 opened its flagship store in Manila (SM Megamall), and now, they're announcing their first major sale.

Photo Source

Although '50% off on selected items' isn't much of a catch relative to the usual end of season sales, Forever 21's fairly priced items can still go as low and that's good enough for the cheapskate stylista.

I heard that ALL regular items are on 10% off, but I still have to verify that info.

So where are you headed this Friday?  Get your feet and wallets ready for a Forever 21 shopping spree!

(Oooooh, I need a shopping buddy.  Tell me if you're going, I'd tag along!  I could just imagine the loooong lines at the fitting area and cashier.)

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