Bayo, Why Are You So Priceeeeey?



I really wanted this Bayo scalloped, gray top.

Although it was a little big for me (says the BF) and that they don't have my size anymore, I still wanted to get it and just have it altered. BUT, when I checked the tag, it there was no way I'm cashing out P990ish for this. I would rather add a few more hundred pesos and get something from Mango/Zara. I kinda hated myself because I wanted to support Filipino brands. However, the quality of this Bayo top wasn't worth the tag at all.

Bayo gray & white scallop top

I ended up buying the jeans instead. It had a thick and sturdy fabric with a good price to boot. And they had it in a size that fits me.

I'm not sure why I dropped by the store that day (I usually don't kasi. Maybe because this top caught my eye and I wanted to look like a mermaid for a change). I only buy Bayo goodies during their 50% OFF sale events. I feel that the store's putting on the REAL price tags on these days.


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