No Wonder Doraemon Loves It



Happy Sunday everyone! 

I love Doraemon. Few days back, I got a taste of his favorite food, the Dorayaki, and I just went nuts after the first bite! 

Photo Source, a cute keychain of the Dorayaki

If you fancy red beans and soft bread, this is a must-try! If you are gaga bout Doraemon, then you ought to get your hands on this snack to understand why your fave blue-and-white cartoon character loves to gobble up gazillions of Dorayaki.

The Dorayaki treats that my brother brought back home for us!
(photo c/o the lil sis who loves Doraemon, too!)

Dorayaki: red bean paste chucked in between the softest pancakey bread

We already ran out of Dorayaki :( My brother got us a truckload, but the lil sis and I sank our teeth into every bread the moment we saw it. Cookie monsters in flesh.

I've always thought Doraemon looked like hopia

Now, we're in dire need to visit a Japanese grocery that offers the freshest Dorayaki in town! Can any of you recommend one? Hatchin grocery is just too far from our place. We're thinking of making the bread ourselves, but we'd still love to laze around and just buy these delish treats!


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