Skin Update: Going Bare Because I'm Doing Much Better

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Some signs that tell you your skin is improving, apart from being complemented by others, are being able to get out of the house bare-faced and being confident about having your picture taken even without makeup.

My macho pitbull, Maxx, wearing my laboratory glasses

I'm now able to go out of the house (to review school, to my home-care patients, and for errands) without having to put powder on! I must confess that I never dared step out of the house without dusting powder on my face. 

Also, I no longer frown at the camera if I'm not wearing my thick liquid foundation. I worry less about how I'd look like in photos without all that heavy makeup.

Maxx took up acting skills some few months back
he's waaay better than local actor, Aljur Abrenica (sorry, fans)

Again, my skin is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from perfect. But I'm loving the big improvements it has achieved to-date. Good skincare line + a good derma = better skin!

Skincare products I use:

AM: Acne Soap (from derma)
      : Clinique Toner 2
    : Hamilton or Lab 46 sunblocks (used interchangeably depending on how oily my skin is; Lab 46 not              recommended o dry-skin days)

PM: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (on commute days or if makeup was worn) OR kojic soap (from derma)
     : I alternate Pond's Cold Cream to make sure I don't finish up my Shu Oil too fast (haha, I still don't have anyone to buy for me from Duty Free)
     : Local Obagi every other night (glowing solution>retinoic acid gel alternated with glycolic cream>brightening cream 
     : Clinique Turnaround concentrate on non-Obagi nights
     : Acne lotion, spot treatment, if pimples come up

Frequency of Derma Visit: from twice a month ---> bi-/tri-monthly visits :)

Improvements: skin clarity, texture and tone; pore size (not dramatic though); post-acne marks/blemishes; acne scars are present but their discoloration has diminished hugely therefore seem invisible and shallow; occurence of cystic pimples on the Tzone and cheeks; amount of oil on the face (I shifted from Clinique toner 3 to 2)

Points of Improvement: complete removal of acne scarring that becomes obvious under certain lightings


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