Why My Problem Skin Needs The Clarisonic Mia

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If I were to invest on a skincare tool this year, it'll be on the Clarisonic Mia. I've snubbed this beauty gadget during the height of its raves and I  absolutely regret doing that.

Clarisonic Mia Turquiose, $149

My problem skin arises from its abnormal exfoliation rate. My face's dead skin cells slough off rather slowly which causes excess oil and dirt to be trapped. I badly need a good exfoliating tool apart from my favorite St. Ives apricot bright skin scrub. Clarisonic Mia is among the best investments for maintaining clearer and better skin, in my opinion.

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Makeupalley has high ratings for this tool (4.5/5 from 323 reviewers) that's why my heart sank deeper than the Titanic did when I lost the slot to buy it. A local reseller was selling it for a low ~$100 (P4500) since she hoarded during some sale, i think. *hits head on the wall* Most resellers have the Mia for P6500+. I could've saved P2000! :(

There are these so-called affordable dupes out there but most of those who tried both the Mia and the conning exfoliator still preferred the original.

So out of frustration, I got myself a pseudo Mia. Wallet damage? LOL, P40 (less than a dollar). I am just utterly disappointed that I missed getting this baby at $100.

My favorite color is blue but I don't mind getting the limited edition, Mia Hope (this sold out like hot pancakes, though).

Oh Clarisonic Mia, when will you be mine?

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