The Old Spaghetti House Review

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When we went out for our monthsary a couple of days ago, we were caught in a web of unfortunate events. Talk about tough luck. Amici's Cara Mia Mango Jubilee must've been the only saving grace that day (and a Motorola Defy, pala). Was it a horror story at The Old Spaghetti House SM North for us? Let's see...

As Lemony Snicketts Would Write It

First off, we were bypassed at a gas station after waiting in line for half an hour. Then, we almost got hit by a car who chose to ignore the 'right-of-way' rule. After so, we spent hours looking for parking at the mall and when we found our luck, another motorist unethically parked his ass over 'our space' as we made way for the outgoing vehicle.

The most unforgivable event must've been snacking on spaghetti w/ meatballs + lasagna at The Old Spaghetti House. We had high hopes for this Italian joint but we left the place VERY disappointed. It started with the oily onion rings "appetizer" (that was served along with the main dishes, would you believe! eh, appetizer nga eh, sana inuna at pinatagal ng onti yung pag serve ng spag and lasagna).

Onion Rings, 110PHP. Crispy, but majority of the onions are of poor quality. Yung tipong tinatapon mo sa sibuyas kasi makunat na. Not to mention it's too oily. Made me wish for a Carl's Jr onion rings tuloy
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The TOSH Horror Story

Spag's the boyfie's fave and lasagna's mine. Honestly, my dog Maxx's R.A.W. diet (consists of beef+veggies) must've tasted better than the meatballs we dug into. Ulk. Parang dogfood (sorry Maxx, no offense meant)! And the lasagna wasn't superb at all. It may have had that junky flavor I wanted, but it was too easy for me to tell twas prepared several days (or weeks! eep!) ago. I can already imagine how it got cryofreezed over time and was just revived c/o the good old microwave.

Spaghetti w/ meatballs. 150PHP. Noodles and sauce were okay. The meatballs?
Buti nalang al dente yung noodles at mapula yung sauce!

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We thought of ordering dessert afterwards. When we decided not to, it was perhaps the first rewarding move that day. Second rewarding move was heading to Amici (which was beside The Old Spaghetti House) to order our cara mia gelato ice cream. Third was probably going home with a Motorola Defy. Ooohlala.

Huge Lasagna, ~160PHP. I like the burst of flavour and the junky cheesey taste. If only it was served fresh. It may be huge but half of it went to Maxx's guts anyway.
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Happy Ever After

It may have been a bad start for a special day but it's all good that ice cream + android phone erased all that! Am I going back to The Old Spaghetti House? I actually like the interior --- it's so clean, homey and cozy; however, I went there to grab my fave Italian dishes (and these meals are relatively easy to whip, right?), got out disappointed, so, I'm not going back. Good thing we spent no more than 500 bucks (~$12) for the unsatisfactory food.


This place does not serve freshly-baked lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs all the time. If you're not a meatball/lasagna-lover, by all means, go try their other dishes. They actually have superb food prices, attentive and friendly staff & crew, and a very pleasant atmosphere inside the resto. However, if you love the stuff we ordered above, then you're on the road to wasting some few hundred pesos on The Old Spaghetti House, SM North. Getting what we paid for, you say? Nah, we got LESS of the cheap amount we shelled out when we ordered that weird triumvirate.


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