Hiruscar: Getting Rid Of Acne & Accident Scars

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Don't you just get excited when you learn about solutions for your imperfect skin? I'll be trying out the scar solution from Switzerland, Hiruscar, which is used to help reduce scars caused by acne, surgery, and accidents. 

I've read a couple of reviews (here and here) on how miraculously this scar gel worked for them and now it's time to see if this stuff works for my acne marks and accident wounds! 

Hiruscar, P852 (~$19), 20g @ selected Mercury and South Star Drugstores
also comes in a 5g tube, P 319

3 things to love about this product even before trying it out:

1. Hiruscar addresses both hypertrophic and atrophic scars. Reports have shown that treated scars experienced 93% improvement.

2. Its ingredients:

3. Hiruscar is safe and effective.

My experiment with the product begins on the 15th. I will be posting if Hiruscar gets the Beauty Bin's stamp of approval in prettifying the skin, so stay tuned! 


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