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What do you do when you suddenly see that you're a few more weeks away from needing to purcahse a new bottle of your favorite serum? I am running out of my dependable instaglow solution, the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate! And what could be better than successfully spending that extra moolah (on shoes!) I alloted for this??!!

I am ranting because I have already fallen in love with how this serum finishes silky smooth on my face at night. It does not cause redness or dryness which spells out perfect for my combination skin. All I need is 1 pump of the Clinique turnaround concentrate in the evening (I have a small face) for me to wake up to a softer and more radiant skin.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate, 1 oz, @ Clinique counters
(Trinoma, Rustan's Shangri-la, Rustan's Makati, Gateway)

The pump bottle dispenses the necessary amount of product I need to cover up the entire face. I noticed how this serum improved my skin's clarity within a week's time when I first used it. 

On more humid Manila nights, I feel that this product can stand as a good moisturizer for oily and combination skin types. On hotter mornings, its silky texture prompts you to use it as a primer. 

If there's something you'd be booing about this product, its the Philippine price (3000php for 1oz; half a year's use for me) and the presence of 3 -cones in the bottle (dimethicone, polysilicone-11 and peg-10 dimethicone). Surprisingly, despite my negative reaction to -cones, the Clinique turnaround concentrate never broke me out. It only gave me good skin I loved to look at and touch.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate, 1oz, P3000 in Pinas; 39.50 in the U.S.

Must raise funds. This is among the skincare products that worked for me along with my local obagi. But on a brighter note, not having this around will put the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate to test on the longevity of its positive effects on my skin. 


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