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Found a very interesting tool to clean the nose area from future painful breakouts! Goodbye blackheads and whiteheads!

nasal comedone removal is now a specific part of my skincare regimen!

What I love:

outrageously cheap @ P30+
travel size
bristles go gently on the skin
easy to clean; but may need to disposed of after several uses since there is no way of sterilizing it

Blackhead Remover, Ever Gotesco Beauty Section, ~P 30 (less than a dollar)

I love how fresh my nose area feels after using this (+my cleanser). Not sure if I'm getting a placebo cleaning, though. Will be able to tell probably after a month. So far, I love using it every other day!

a tiny bluish purple beauty tool made of flexible plastic

haha, this is absolutely cool!

Do you hate blackheads growing on the nose, too? How do you make sure that area is all clean? Would love to know!


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