Baby, I Shrunk My Pores with the Glowing Solution

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I used to have a huge span of enlarged, visible pores across my cheeks. Now, after all the painstaking derma trips (I live faaaaar from my doctor's clinic) and the half-awake sessions slathering on creams and gels using my tired hands, I can say that my pores got smaller! It was all worth it. I'm attributing this beauty milestone to Doc Six Foronda's Glowing Solution.

Product Impression

The solution stains cotton pads yellow and can smell chemical-ish when taking a whif of it from the bottle. This strong scent though is absent in fewer amounts like when poured on a cotton pad. 

I do not recall any stinging or burning sensation during the time I've been on it. 


After cleansing the face at night, dab a small amount of the glowing solution on a cotton pad. Target that you spread ONLY ONE LAYER of the solution evenly on the face while avoiding the following areas: undereyes, sides of the nose and around the mouth.

For acne-prone areas (like my notorious chin which has eventually been cured, thanks to Robaz), swipe on TWO LAYERS.

Product Highlights

This is worthy of it's name, really. I experienced a more youthful glow after a week of using it and eventually, I got improvements with my pore size. This is a cheap product that effectively addresses dull and uneven skintones. It's an added plus that it was able to shrink my pores, too.

Because of the lesser amount of product needed to cover my face, I get a huge bang for my buck for the infrequent need to repurchase the product. A small bottle lasts me 3-4 months.

The Letdowns

Aside from the scent, my biggest gripe about the glowing solution is that it leaves my face a VERY sticky after feel. It takes time before the skin absorbs it so that's more waiting time for me before I hit the sack.

It can also be a pain to be specific about evening out the solution in ONE LAYER. I find that if I put on too much, it can leave my face reddish, flaky and unflattering.

Another con is that this product is compounded by my derma, Doc Six Foronda, so it's not very accessible.  


  • i've observed that it neither alleviates nor worsens my zits.
  • when using this topical, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, wear an effective sunblock
  • the solution oxidizes over time (the light yellow tint becomes a rusty orange color)
  • i used this product alongside other topicals from my derma (remember the local obagi?) and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I zeroed-in on this product as the greatest contributor to shrinking my pores because it's the only one I've been CONSTANTLY using all these months

Overall, I have lived with the letdowns of the 6F Glowing Solution because of its amazing effects on my skin. Here's an old picture of me (circa 2008) vis-a-vis the photo above (minus the doodling):


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